Maine Revised Statutes

§2005. Officer's return, contents

The officer, in his return on the execution, shall state substantially the time when the land was taken on execution; how the appraisers were appointed; that they were duly sworn; that they appraised and set off the premises, after viewing the same, at the price specified; that he delivered seizin and possession to the creditor or his attorney, or assigned the same to him as in case of remainder or other incorporeal estate; and the description of the premises by himself or by reference to the return of the appraisers. If the appraisers' return is signed by 2 only, he must state whether all were present and acted. He may refer to and adopt, in his return, the return of the appraisers, and the subsequent proceedings will be valid though made after the return day of the execution or after the removal or disability of the officer.