Maine Revised Statutes

§1956. Deed given to assignee; right sold; remedy of purchaser

When, during the existence of an attachment, a deed has been given to an assignee, the right of the debtor should be sold on the execution. When the right has been sold, and there has been no previous conveyance to the debtor, the purchaser has the same remedies in his own name against the obligor or contractor as the debtor would have had, by an action to recover damages for nonfulfillment, or to compel a specific performance, and when assignment before attachment is alleged, the assignee may be made a party. Upon refusal of the obligor or contractor, on request of the purchaser, to give correct information of the amount due or condition remaining to be performed, the purchaser may maintain his action without previous payment, performance or tender. Upon a hearing, the court may grant and decree such relief, payment or performance, as is equitable.