Maine Revised Statutes

§1502-D. Taxing of costs; hearing


The clerk shall set costs under section 1502-B and interest under section 1602-B to the extent they appear from the record. The prevailing party or the prevailing party's attorney may submit a bill of costs for all other costs or interest to the court not later than 10 days after entry of judgment and serve copies on all parties who have appeared and may be required to pay these costs. Any party required to pay all or any part of these costs, except a party who is defaulted and has not appeared, may, within 10 days after the date of service, challenge any items of cost or interest and request review by the court. The prevailing party shall, within 10 days after a challenge, submit to the court any vouchers or other records verifying any challenged items of cost or interest. Either side may request oral argument and submit affidavits and briefs. An evidentiary hearing on the reasonableness of costs or interest will be held only when the judge determines that there exists a substantial need for the hearing and the amount of challenged costs or interest are substantial. If the presiding judge determines that the imposition of costs will cause a significant financial hardship to any party, the judge may waive all or part of the costs with respect to that party. [2003, c. 460, §3 (AMD).]

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