Maine Revised Statutes

§1151. Controversies referable; powers of referees; revocation by consent

All controversies which may be the subject of a personal action may be submitted to one or more referees, with the same powers as those appointed by the court. The parties personally or by attorney may sign and acknowledge an agreement before a notary public, although he is one of the referees, in substance as follows:

"Know all men by these presents, that ...., of ...., in the County of ...., and ...., of ...., in the County of ...., have agreed to submit the demand made by said ...., against said ...., which is hereunto annexed," (and all other demands between the parties, as the case may be,) "to the determination of ...., .... and ....; and judgment rendered on their report, or that of a majority of them, made to the Superior Court for the said County of ...., within one year from this day, shall be final. And if either party neglects to appear before the referees, after proper notice given to him of the time and place appointed for hearing the parties, they may proceed in his absence.

Dated this .... day of ...., A.D., 19.... ."

[1981, c. 456, Pt. A, §128 (AMD).]

Such agreement shall not be revoked without mutual consent, but the parties may agree when the report shall be made and vary the form accordingly.

1981, c. 456, §A128 (AMD).