Maine Revised Statutes

§934. Amendments

In addition to any other method provided by law, a corporation organized under this chapter, including specially chartered churches, but not other specially chartered corporations, may change the number of its officers, directors, trustees or members of its managing board, however designated, and change its purposes by altering, abridging or enlarging the same, and make any other changes in its certificate of organization as originally filed or subsequently amended that may be desired, if such changes would be proper to insert in an original certificate of organization. The change must be made by vote of a majority of those members with voting rights present at, or if the corporation does not have members with voting rights, then by a majority vote of its whole board of directors or trustees or managing board, however designated, taken at any legal meeting. The notice of the meeting must give notice of the proposed action. If the corporation amends any provision of any certificate filed with the Secretary of State, the corporation must promptly deliver for filing with the Secretary of State a certificate of amendment signed and dated by the clerk or secretary of the corporation. [2003, c. 523, §4 (AMD).]

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