Maine Revised Statutes

§3106. Dissenting proprietors; value of interest; limitation and forfeiture

When it is decided to repair, remodel or rebuild a meetinghouse, any owner or proprietor dissenting from the action of the majority and declining to take an interest in the house as altered may demand and receive of such majority the appraised value of his interest after deducting his proportion of debts against the property, to be recovered in a civil action; which shall not be commenced until 30 days after such demand, nor after the lapse of a year after notice is posted for 3 successive weeks on the meetinghouse door and some other conspicuous place in its precinct, stating the persons to whom the money is to be paid, the amount payable to each and the time limited for payment. If said sums are not demanded within said time, they are forfeited to the majority for parish uses. This section does not apply to any case where the repairs decided upon are only such as are necessary to keep such meetinghouse in a tenantable condition.