Maine Revised Statutes

§3061. Sale of property wasting for lack of custody

Where any property in the State, dedicated and ordained for pious uses, has no proper or legal custodian, so that it is becoming wasted and the utility thereof is lost, upon the application of any person or patriotic or religious society interested in having such property preserved and applied to the uses for which it was originally intended, or for some public or patriotic purpose, the Attorney General shall file a complaint seeking equitable relief, in the nature of an information, against such property and all persons interested therein, praying for the appointment of trustees to care for such property and for the proper application and disposal thereof, and the court may order such notice as seems proper, and may appoint receivers or trustees therefor, and upon final decree, may order the care, custody, sale, application or disposal of such property as will best serve the purposes for which it was originally intended, or some public or patriotic purpose. The court may convey or transfer such property to any religious or patriotic body, to be held and applied for the purposes of such trust as the court may declare, and it shall have power to treat, care for and dispose of the same in furtherance of such pious, public or patriotic uses as may seem best suited to the case and situation.