Maine Revised Statutes

§2944. Notice of nonoccupancy by pew owner; rights

Whenever a parish or church raises its current expenses by assessment on its pews, any pew owner who shall not occupy his pew, either by himself or family, or rent the same, may give a written notice to the clerk of the parish or church, or to the parish committee or assessors, of his intention not to occupy said pew for one year following the next annual meeting of said parish or church, in which case said pew owner shall not be liable for any tax assessed on said pew during said year, neither shall he act and vote at said annual meeting unless he retains a pew for the occupancy of himself and family, and the parish or church may let said pew during said year and appropriate the rent to the current expenses of the parish or church, and said parish or church shall not sell said pew for taxes assessed during that year.