Maine Revised Statutes

§1829. Information and advice for members

1. Not in restraint of trade.  No association complying with the terms hereof shall be deemed to be a conspiracy, or a combination in restraint of trade or an illegal monopoly; or be deemed to have been formed for the purpose of lessening competition or fixing prices arbitrarily, nor shall the contracts between the association and its members, or any agreements authorized in this subchapter, be construed as an unlawful restraint of trade or as part of a conspiracy or combination to accomplish an improper or illegal purpose or act.
2. Information.  An association may acquire, exchange, interpret and disseminate to its members, to other cooperative associations and otherwise, past, present and prospective crop, market, statistical, economic and other similar information relating to the business of the association, either directly or through an agent created or selected by it or by other associations acting in conjunction with it.
3. Advice.  An association may advise its members in respect to the adjustment of their current and prospective production of agricultural commodities and its relation to the prospective volume of consumption, selling prices and existing or potential surplus, to the end that every market may be served from the most convenient productive areas under a program of orderly marketing that will assure adequate supplies without undue enhancement of prices or the accumulation of any undue surplus.