Maine Revised Statutes

Title 13, Chapter  19: FOREIGN CORPORATIONS
13 §591. Designation of attorney for service of process (REPEALED)
13 §592. Filing of charter or certificate; officers and directors subject to penalties; validity of contracts not affected (REPEALED)
13 §593. Secretary of State may refuse to accept appointment or file papers (REPEALED)
13 §594. Increase or decrease of capital stock; filing of certificate (REPEALED)
13 §595. License fee; changes in certificate or charter (REPEALED)
13 §596. Violations; revocation of license (REPEALED)
13 §597. Liability of officers (REPEALED)
13 §598. Service of process; foreign mortgages (REPEALED)
13 §599. Right to sue and be sued; attachment; effect of agent's acts (REPEALED)
13 §600. Charitable organization exempt from fees (REPEALED)