Maine Revised Statutes

§1304. Limitation or elimination of appraisal rights in articles of incorporation

Notwithstanding section 1302 or 1303, the articles of incorporation of a corporation as originally filed or any amendment thereto may limit or eliminate appraisal rights for any class or series of preferred shares, except that: [2011, c. 274, §65 (RPR).]

1. Class or series.   No such limitation or elimination is effective if the class or series does not have the right to vote separately as a voting group, alone or as part of a group, on the action or if the action is a nonprofit conversion under chapter 9, subchapter 2, a conversion to an unincorporated entity under chapter 9, subchapter 4 or a merger having a similar effect; and
[ 2011, c. 274, §65 (NEW) .]
2. Appraisal rights.   Any limitation or elimination contained in an amendment to the articles of incorporation that limits or eliminates appraisal rights for any of those shares that are outstanding immediately prior to the effective date of that amendment or that the corporation is or may be required to issue or sell after the effective date of the amendment pursuant to any conversion, exchange or other right existing immediately before the effective date of that amendment does not apply to any corporate action that becomes effective within one year of that date if that action would otherwise afford appraisal rights.
[ 2011, c. 274, §65 (NEW) .]
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