Maine Revised Statutes

§1201. Authorization of foreign corporations to carry on activities in this State; certain activities not deemed carrying on affairs

1. Authorization needed.  Except as provided in section 1215, no foreign corporation shall carry on activities in this State until it shall have been authorized to do so as provided in this chapter, or as provided by some other public law of this State. A foreign corporation shall not be denied authority to carry on activities in this State solely because the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation differ from the laws of this State with respect to the organization and internal affairs of the corporation.
[ 1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW) .]
2. Activities not deemed carrying on affairs.  Without excluding other activities which may not constitute carrying on activities in this State, a foreign corporation shall not be deemed to be carrying on activities in this State, for purposes of this chapter, solely by reason of carrying on in this State any one or more of the following activities:
A. Maintaining, defending or participating in any action or proceeding whether judicial, administrative, arbitrative or otherwise, or effecting the settlement thereof or the settlements of claims or disputes; [1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).]
B. Holding meetings of its directors or members or carrying on other activities concerning its internal affairs; [1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).]
C. Maintaining bank accounts; [1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).]
D. Securing or collecting debts or enforcing any rights in property covering the same; [1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).]
E. Effecting a transaction in interstate or foreign commerce; [1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).]
F. Conducting within this State an isolated transaction which is completed within a period of 30 days and which is not in the course of a series or number of repeated transactions; [1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).]
G. Soliciting by mail contributions to the corporation; or [1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).]
H. Owning real estate [1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).]
[ 1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW) .]
3. Standard for activities not established.  This section shall not be deemed to establish a standard for activities which may subject a foreign corporation to service of process under this chapter or any other statute of this State.
[ 1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW) .]
1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW).