Maine Revised Statutes

§6413. Reduction in trap limit after certain suspensions

The commissioner may reduce the number of trap tags a person whose lobster and crab fishing license has been suspended pursuant to section 6374, subsection 3-A may purchase in the year following the suspension, except that if the person holds a Class I, Class II or Class III lobster and crab fishing license the person must be allowed to purchase at least 300 trap tags. For each following year, the license holder may purchase up to an increase of 100 trap tags each year as long as the total number purchased does not exceed the number of traps allowed under the lowest trap limit for the license or established by rule for the zones identified on that person's license pursuant to section 6446, subsection 1-A. [2017, c. 197, §8 (NEW).]

2017, c. 197, §8 (NEW).