Maine Revised Statutes

§6405. Trap removal

Any person whose lobster and crab fishing license has been suspended shall, within 5 days of suspension, remove from the water all of his lobster traps or cars, except cars numbered with another valid license number. The commissioner may extend the time period if adverse weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the control of the license holder prevent removal within that time period. [1977, c. 713, §3 (AMD).]

During the removal period, the license holder shall not sell, lease or otherwise transfer ownership of the holder's lobster traps or cars or give written permission to another person to raise, lift or transfer those traps or cars. The commissioner may allow another licensed person, subject to any conditions or limitations, to assist the license holder in removing his traps or cars, if that assistance is required because of personal hardship or a large number of traps. [1979, c. 283, §1 (NEW).]

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