Maine Revised Statutes

§1848. Sale of natural resources from public reserved lands

1. Sale of resources.  The bureau may sell severed timber and other products, including, but not limited to, wood and timber necessary for use in the operation of a mine, severed grass and other wild foods, maple sap and syrup, crops and sand and gravel for use in the construction of public roads or for any other purpose the director considers consistent with the purposes of this subchapter.
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2. Grant of permits.  The bureau may grant permits and enter into contracts to cut timber, harvest grass and wild foods, tap maple trees for sap and cultivate and harvest crops provided that such permits and contract rights create revocable licenses to the permittee or party to the contract and do not create any real property interest in the public reserved lands. Permits and contracts for the harvesting of timber from the reserved public lands must include a provision requiring that persons engaged in timber harvesting on the public reserved lands be compensated at rates not less than the most recently issued prevailing wage and piece rates and equipment allowances for the pulpwood and logging industry as determined by the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards.
If the Department of Labor does not determine a prevailing wage or piece rate for a timber harvesting occupation or an equipment allowance for a type of harvesting equipment, the director may establish those rates by referring to prevailing rates and allowances in the industry for that occupation or type of equipment. Any rates or allowances established by the director under this subsection apply only to permits and contracts on public reserved lands governed by this section.
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3. Bond; stumpage or other rights of value.  Persons, corporations or other legal entities obtaining permits or contracts to sever or extract materials upon the public reserved lands under this section must give bond to the director with satisfactory sureties for the payment of stumpage or other rights of value and the performance of all conditions of the permit or contract. All timber cut or other material taken under permits or contracts is the property of the State until the stumpage or other rights are paid in full.
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4. Scaling of timber.  The director may appoint, swear and reimburse surveyors or scalers. Upon the instructions of the director, scalers shall scale any timber cut under permits granted by the bureau, supervise the cutting of that timber, inform the director of the quantity of products cut, whether hauled or not, and see that the timber is cut and removed in accordance with sound forest management practices.
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