Maine Revised Statutes

§1836. Acquisition of nonreserved public lands

1. Authority to acquire lands.  The bureau with the consent of the Governor and the commissioner may acquire lands or interests in lands on behalf of the State to be managed as nonreserved public lands. When acquiring land or interest in land, the bureau shall examine options for obtaining public vehicular access rights to the land. If an acquisition is made that does not include guaranteed public vehicular access, the bureau shall describe the acquisition in its annual report submitted pursuant to section 1839 and the justification for that acquisition. The bureau shall deliver to the State Archives within a reasonable period of time after their creation or acquisition the originals of all deeds, planbooks and surveyors' field and chainage notes, and any other materials the preservation of which it considers necessary, relating to the ownership, location and management of nonreserved public lands described in this subchapter.
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2. Authority to accept land from other agencies.  The bureau may accept the care, custody, control and responsibility for the management of public lands or interests in land from other state agencies with the written consent of the transferor agency, the Governor and the commissioner. Nothing in this subsection may be construed to negate or affect obligations of the State undertaken in any existing lease, easement or other binding agreement or obligations of the State undertaken by the acceptance of any deed or other grant of an interest in real property.
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