Maine Revised Statutes

§10254. Maine Wildlife Park Fund

1. Fund established.  The Maine Wildlife Park Fund, referred to in this section as the "fund," is established. The fund receives all funds collected by the department from the operation of the Maine Wildlife Park, including gate fees, the proceeds of any sales at the Maine Wildlife Park and any donations, grants or other funds presented to the department for the benefit of the Maine Wildlife Park, except that any funds that are solicited by and earned by volunteers for the benefit of the Maine Wildlife Park may not be used, directly or indirectly, to supplant appropriations from the General Fund or allocations from other revenue sources. All money deposited in the fund and the earnings on the money remain in the fund to be used for the management and maintenance of the Maine Wildlife Park. Unexpended balances in the fund at the end of the fiscal year are nonlapsing and must be carried forward to the next fiscal year to be used for the same purposes.
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2. Report. 
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