Maine Revised Statutes

§945. Establishment

The Maine International Trade Center, referred to in this chapter as the "center," is established to enhance the competitive advantage of state businesses desiring to compete in the international market. The center provides a source of leadership, coordination and a shared vision for international trade development in the State. The purpose of the center, through its cooperative public and private board, is to refine, revise and implement the State's international strategic plan by providing and enhancing services in coordination with the economic development activities of the private sector, community and regional agencies and State Government. [1995, c. 648, §5 (NEW).]

The center is a private nonprofit corporation with a public purpose and the exercise by the center of the powers conferred by this chapter is held to be an essential governmental function. [1995, c. 648, §5 (NEW).]

1995, c. 648, §5 (NEW).