Maine Revised Statutes

§1651. Description of marks filed

All persons or corporations engaged in the sale of kerosene, refined petroleum, gasoline or other burning or illuminating oils or fluids, in cans of a capacity of not less than 5 gallons, with their names or other marks or devices branded, stamped, engraved, etched, impressed or otherwise produced upon such cans or anything connected therewith or appertaining thereto, may file in the office of the town or city clerk, in which their principal place of business is situated, a description of the names and marks used by them, and cause the same to be published once a week for 3 successive weeks in any newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the notice may have been filed. [1987, c. 667, §5 (AMD).]

1987, c. 667, §5 (AMD).