Maine Revised Statutes

§452. Removal, secretion, mutilation or refusal to return state documents

Whoever intentionally removes any book, record, document or instrument belonging to or kept in any state office, except books and documents kept and deposited in the State Library, or intentionally secretes, alters, mutilates, defaces or destroys any such book, record, document or instrument, or, having any such book, record, document or instrument in his possession, or under his control, intentionally fails or refuses to return the same to that state office, or to deliver the same to the person in lawful charge of the office where the same was kept or deposited, shall be guilty of a Class D crime. [1977, c. 696, §10 (RPR).]

1969, c. 318, §1 (RPR). 1977, c. 696, §10 (RPR).

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