Maine Revised Statutes

§4. Certain jurisdiction and ownership unimpaired

Nothing contained in sections 2 to 5 shall be construed to limit or restrict in any way:

1. Jurisdiction because of citizenship; residence.  The jurisdiction of this State over any person or with respect to any subject within or without the State which jurisdiction is exercisable by reason of citizenship, residence or for any other reason recognized by law;
2. Jurisdiction over certain waters and land; ceded to and owned by United States.  Jurisdiction or ownership of or over any other waters or lands thereunder, within or forming part of the boundaries of this State. Nor shall anything in sections 2 to 5 be construed to impair the exercise of legislative jurisdiction by the United States of America over any area to which such jurisdiction has been validly ceded by this State and which remains in the ownership of the United States of America.