Maine Revised Statutes

§150-M. Veterans in the Arts and Humanities Day

Each political subdivision and school administrative unit is encouraged to celebrate Veterans in the Arts and Humanities Day on November 1st of each year. The celebration may include recognition of the contributions of veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their military service past and present, promotion of the significant contributions veterans have made to the arts and humanities and public awareness of the talent of those veterans now working in a variety of artistic fields. The celebration may also include public proclamations, appropriate parades and ceremonies and the introduction of curricula in school systems recognizing the efforts of veterans and their contributions to our way of life, including the arts and humanities. The Governor may annually issue a proclamation urging the people of the State to observe the day with appropriate celebration and activity. [2015, c. 399, §1 (NEW).]

2015, c. 399, §1 (NEW).