Maine Revised Statutes

§137. Organ Donor Awareness Day

December 3rd is designated as Organ Donor Awareness Day, and the Governor shall annually issue a proclamation inviting and urging the people of the State of Maine to observe the day with appropriate activity. The first annual Organ Donor Awareness Day will commemorate the life of Kate James, who was born December 3, 1980 and who passed away March 6, 1999 at 18 years of age while awaiting a double lung transplant. The observance is created to make Maine citizens aware of the importance of donating organs. In each subsequent year, the Governor, in consultation with Maine organ donation agencies and organizations, shall designate an organ donor, recipient or listed individual to be recognized on that year's Organ Donation Awareness Day. [1999, c. 479, §1 (NEW).]

1999, c. 479, §1 (NEW).