Maine Revised Statutes

§127. Maine Merchant Marine Day

The Governor shall annually issue a proclamation setting aside May 22nd as Maine Merchant Marine Day. The proclamation shall invite and urge the people of the State to observe the day in schools and other suitable places with appropriate ceremony and study. The Maine Maritime Academy and the Department of Education may make appropriate information available to the people and the schools within the limits of their budgets. [1989, c. 700, Pt. A, §5 (AMD).]

The purpose of commemorating the United States Merchant Marines is to recognize the courage and heroism of merchant mariners who have served the nation in times of national emergencies. Merchant mariners have valiantly served the nation during periods of international conflict by serving as combatant crews on Letters of Marque during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and on armed vessels during the Civil War. In World War I and World War II, they served on ships equipped with naval armament while transporting supplies and troops between the home front and war fronts. Thousands of merchant mariners have been killed, captured or injured in the defense of the nation. [1987, c. 140, §1 (NEW).]

1987, c. 140, §1 (NEW). 1989, c. 700, §A5 (AMD).