Maine State Legislature
Exceptions to Maine’s Freedom of Access laws

This page allows you to search a list of statutory exceptions to the state’s Freedom of Access laws. The list contains statutes that either designate records and information as confidential or specifically except records and information from the definition of “public records”. Inclusion in or exclusion of items from this list does not affect the purposes for which the information was collected or for which it may be used or maintained. This list is continually under review and will be updated as possible.

This list is maintained by the Maine Legislative Council on behalf of the Maine Right to Know Advisory Committee.

How to Search

You can begin your search by clicking on the “Begin your search” button shown below. To show the entire list of exceptions, select “All” from the drop down list in the “category” field and click “Submit query”. If you do not wish to see the entire list, you can either choose specific categories from the drop-down list, search for exceptions that fall within specific titles or sections, or search using using key-words. Each record that displays as a result of your search is hyperlinked to the text of the appropriate section of the Maine Revised Statutes, as maintained by the Legislature.



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