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128th Maine Legislature

Public Hearings and Work Sessions for Bills Sponsored by 0

Bills sponsored by 0, for the 3 days begining 1/21/2017.
Jan 23, 2017, 1:00p
Education and Cultural Affairs
LD 32An Act To Increase the Size of Grants under the Maine State Grant ProgramPublic HearingCross Building, Room 202
LD 43Resolve, To Establish the Task Force To Study Higher Education Attainment and Completion GoalsPublic HearingCross Building, Room 202
Veterans and Legal Affairs
LD 85An Act To Establish a Public Service Berthing Vessel License for the Sale of LiquorPublic HearingState House, Room 437
Education and Cultural Affairs
LD 50An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Teacher CertificationPublic HearingCross Building, Room 202
Veterans and Legal Affairs
LD 30An Act Regarding Dancing on the Premises of Certain Liquor LicenseesPublic HearingState House, Room 437