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125th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session

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HP 1405
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An Act To Make Additional Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations and To Change Certain Provisions of the Law for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013

Documents and DispositionLD 1903, HP 1405Text
LD 1903
HP 1405
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Fiscal Status
Fiscal Impact
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Adopted Amendments C-A (H-938)
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Not Available
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Sponsored By: REP Flood of Winthrop H-F to C-A (H-949)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Final DispositionEmergency Enacted, Apr 24, 2012
Governor's Action: Emergency Signed, Apr 24, 2012

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 655
Printed Chapter PDFThese are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version. 

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Amendments to LD 1903Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-938)
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Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Flood of Winthrop, Adopted by House & SenateH-F to C-A (H-949)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Moulton of YorkH-A to C-A (H-943)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Timberlake of TurnerH-G to C-A (H-950)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Crafts of LisbonH-H to C-A (H-951)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Crafts of LisbonH-B to C-A (H-944)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Timberlake of TurnerH-C to C-A (H-945)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Timberlake of TurnerH-D to C-A (H-946)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Timberlake of TurnerH-I to C-A (H-952)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Sponsored By REP Crafts of LisbonH-E to C-A (H-947)
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Fiscal Status
Not Available
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs on Mar 28, 2012.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Apr 11, 2012, OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: Apr 11, 2012, Ought To Pass As Amended


Committee Docket
Mar 9, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 14, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 15, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 16, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 23, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 26, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 27, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 29, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 30, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 31, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Apr 3, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Apr 4, 2012Work Session Held 
Apr 4, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Apr 5, 2012Work Session HeldTabled
Apr 9, 2012Work Session Held 
Apr 9, 2012VotedOTP
Apr 9, 2012VotedOTP-AM
Apr 11, 2012Reported OutOTP-AM

View upcoming public hearings and work sessions for Appropriations and Financial Affairs.

Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
125  AFFPublic Law655
125  AMDPublic Law655
262 AFFPublic Law655
262 AMDPublic Law655
263 AFFPublic Law655
263 AFFPublic Law655
263 AMDPublic Law655
263 AMDPublic Law655
265 AFFPublic Law655
265 AMDPublic Law655
291 AFFPublic Law655
291 AMDPublic Law655
292 AFFPublic Law655
292 AMDPublic Law655
292-A AFFPublic Law655
292-A NEWPublic Law655
292-A RPRPublic Law655
293G AFFPublic Law655
293G AMDPublic Law655
296 AFFPublic Law655
296 NEWPublic Law655
297 AFFPublic Law655
297 NEWPublic Law655
39591M AFFPublic Law655
39591M AMDPublic Law655
41 3-A AMDPublic Law655
5   NEWPublic Law655
5   RPPublic Law655
5   RPPublic Law655
5282 2 AFFPublic Law655
5282 2 AMDPublic Law655
52981 AFFPublic Law655
52981 RPRPublic Law655
59311G AMDPublic Law655
59311L-2 AFFPublic Law655
59311L-2 RPPublic Law655
59351D AFFPublic Law655
59351D AMDPublic Law655
59371A AMDPublic Law655
59371F AMDPublic Law655
59371K NEWPublic Law655
59371L NEWPublic Law655
59371M NEWPublic Law655
59431E AMDPublic Law655
59431J AMDPublic Law655
59431K AMDPublic Law655
59431L AFFPublic Law655
59431L NEWPublic Law655
59431M NEWPublic Law655
5947-B1 AFFPublic Law655
5947-B1 AMDPublic Law655
515311 AFFPublic Law655
515311 AMDPublic Law655
515312 AFFPublic Law655
515312 AMDPublic Law655
515312 AMDPublic Law655
515312 AMDPublic Law655
515328 NEWPublic Law655
515912 AMDPublic Law655
515915 NEWPublic Law655
51667-B3 AMDPublic Law655
51667-B4 AMDPublic Law655
51710-D  AFFPublic Law655
51710-D  AMDPublic Law655
51710-E  AFFPublic Law655
51710-E  AMDPublic Law655
51710-F2 AMDPublic Law655
51710-I  AFFPublic Law655
51710-I  AMDPublic Law655
5174228 AFFPublic Law655
5174228 NEWPublic Law655
520032D AFFPublic Law655
520032D AMDPublic Law655
53101  AFFPublic Law655
53101  NEWPublic Law655
53102  AFFPublic Law655
53102  NEWPublic Law655
53103  AFFPublic Law655
53103  NEWPublic Law655
53104  AFFPublic Law655
53104  NEWPublic Law655
53105  AFFPublic Law655
53105  NEWPublic Law655
53106  AFFPublic Law655
53106  NEWPublic Law655
53107  AFFPublic Law655
53107  NEWPublic Law655
53108  AFFPublic Law655
53108  NEWPublic Law655
53301  AFFPublic Law655
53301  RPPublic Law655
53302  AFFPublic Law655
53302  RPPublic Law655
53303  AFFPublic Law655
53303  RPPublic Law655
53304  AFFPublic Law655
53304  RPPublic Law655
53305  AFFPublic Law655
53305  RPPublic Law655
53305-A  AFFPublic Law655
53305-A  RPPublic Law655
53305-B  AFFPublic Law655
53305-B  RPPublic Law655
53307-B  AFFPublic Law655
53307-B  RPPublic Law655
53307-C  AFFPublic Law655
53307-C  RPPublic Law655
53307-F  AFFPublic Law655
53307-F  RPPublic Law655
53307-G  AFFPublic Law655
53307-G  RPPublic Law655
53331  AFFPublic Law655
53331  RPPublic Law655
562041 AFFPublic Law655
562041 AMDPublic Law655
562046 AFFPublic Law655
562046 AMDPublic Law655
57019  AFFPublic Law655
57019  RPPublic Law655
57020  AFFPublic Law655
57020  RPPublic Law655
57020-A  AFFPublic Law655
57020-A  RPPublic Law655
57504  AFFPublic Law655
57504  AFFPublic Law655
57504  AMDPublic Law655
512004-D4 AFFPublic Law655
512004-D4 RPPublic Law655
512004-G29-C AFFPublic Law655
512004-G29-C RPPublic Law655
512004-I24-F AFFPublic Law655
512004-I24-F RPPublic Law655
512004-I68-B AFFPublic Law655
512004-I68-B RPPublic Law655
5120063B AFFPublic Law655
5120063B RPPublic Law655
5130563 AFFPublic Law655
5130563 AMDPublic Law655
513056-D2C AFFPublic Law655
513056-D2C AMDPublic Law655
513056-E4 AFFPublic Law655
513056-E4 AMDPublic Law655
51305819 AFFPublic Law655
51305819 AMDPublic Law655
5130727 AFFPublic Law655
5130727 AMDPublic Law655
513073-B  AFFPublic Law655
513073-B  NEWPublic Law655
513083-T2B AFFPublic Law655
513083-T2B AMDPublic Law655
513083-T2C AFFPublic Law655
513083-T2C RPPublic Law655
5131071 AFFPublic Law655
5131071 AMDPublic Law655
513120-Q 1 AFFPublic Law655
513120-Q 1 AMDPublic Law655
5153023C AFFPublic Law655
5153023C AMDPublic Law655
72 9 AFFPublic Law655
72 9 AMDPublic Law655
72143 AFFPublic Law655
72143 AMDPublic Law655
103632-A AFFPublic Law655
103632-A AMDPublic Law655
109183 AFFPublic Law655
109183 AMDPublic Law655
10945-B1 AFFPublic Law655
10945-B1 AMDPublic Law655
101023-G3D AFFPublic Law655
101023-G3D AMDPublic Law655
101023-K1 AFFPublic Law655
101023-K1 AMDPublic Law655
101023-K3-B AFFPublic Law655
101023-K3-B AMDPublic Law655
10104118 AFFPublic Law655
10104118 AMDPublic Law655
1010432O AFFPublic Law655
1010432O AMDPublic Law655
1010632I-1 AFFPublic Law655
1010632I-1 AMDPublic Law655
1010632J AFFPublic Law655
1010632J AMDPublic Law655
1014921 AFFPublic Law655
1014921 AMDPublic Law655
1097222I AFFPublic Law655
1097222I AMDPublic Law655
1097232 AFFPublic Law655
1097232 AMDPublic Law655
122123 AFFPublic Law655
122123 AMDPublic Law655
12405-A4 AFFPublic Law655
12405-A4 AMDPublic Law655
12406  AFFPublic Law655
12406  RPPublic Law655
12407  AFFPublic Law655
12407  AMDPublic Law655
12408  AFFPublic Law655
12408  NEWPublic Law655
12409  AFFPublic Law655
12409  NEWPublic Law655
12541-A  AFFPublic Law655
12541-A  AMDPublic Law655
125443G AFFPublic Law655
125443G NEWPublic Law655
12544-D  AFFPublic Law655
12544-D  NEWPublic Law655
12549  AFFPublic Law655
12549  AMDPublic Law655
12549-A2 AFFPublic Law655
12549-A2 AMDPublic Law655
12550-B3A AFFPublic Law655
12550-B3A AMDPublic Law655
12550-B6 AFFPublic Law655
12550-B6 AMDPublic Law655
12685-C1B AFFPublic Law655
12685-C1B RPPublic Law655
12685-C1C AFFPublic Law655
12685-C1C AMDPublic Law655
1218351A AFFPublic Law655
1218351A AMDPublic Law655
1218472 AFFPublic Law655
1218472 AMDPublic Law655
1218491A AFFPublic Law655
1218491A AMDPublic Law655
121863-A4A AFFPublic Law655
121863-A4A AMDPublic Law655
1218681 AFFPublic Law655
1218681 AMDPublic Law655
1250135 AFFPublic Law655
1250135 AMDPublic Law655
12602211 AFFPublic Law655
12602211 AMDPublic Law655
1260727-AF AFFPublic Law655
1260727-AF AMDPublic Law655
1266732-A AFFPublic Law655
1266732-A AMDPublic Law655
1288762 AFFPublic Law655
1288762 AMDPublic Law655
121300112 AFFPublic Law655
121300112 AMDPublic Law655
20-A2031A AMDPublic Law655
20-A2031F AMDPublic Law655
20-A2031K NEWPublic Law655
20-A2031L AFFPublic Law655
20-A2031L NEWPublic Law655
20-A2031M NEWPublic Law655
20-A14622 AMDPublic Law655
20-A2307 1 AMDPublic Law655
20-A70011-A AMDPublic Law655
20-A70012-B AMDPublic Law655
20-A70014-A RPPublic Law655
20-A7209  AMDPublic Law655
20-A156717A AMDPublic Law655
20-A156717B AMDPublic Law655
20-A156717C AMDPublic Law655
20-A15671-A2B AMDPublic Law655
20-A1567225-A AMDPublic Law655
20-A15683-A  AMDPublic Law655
20-A156891A AMDPublic Law655
20-A156891B AMDPublic Law655
20-A1568912 NEWPublic Law655
20-A1568912 NEWPublic Law655
20-A15689-A21 NEWPublic Law655
20-A15689-A22 NEWPublic Law655
20-A156901D AMDPublic Law655
226661 AFFPublic Law655
226661 AMDPublic Law655
226662 AFFPublic Law655
226662 AMDPublic Law655
226765 AFFPublic Law655
226765 AMDPublic Law655
226766 AFFPublic Law655
226766 AMDPublic Law655
22679-B8 AFFPublic Law655
22679-B8 AMDPublic Law655
22151113 NEWPublic Law655
2217084 RPPublic Law655
22327310 NEWPublic Law655
2237628D RPPublic Law655
2237628F NEWPublic Law655
2243053-C NEWPublic Law655
2243081-A NEWPublic Law655
2243081-B NEWPublic Law655
23734 AFFPublic Law655
23734 AMDPublic Law655
2371053A AFFPublic Law655
2371053A AMDPublic Law655
252374  AFFPublic Law655
252374  AMDPublic Law655
252396 1 AMDPublic Law655
252450-A  AFFPublic Law655
252450-A  AMDPublic Law655
263  AFFPublic Law655
263  AMDPublic Law655
261401-B1B AFFPublic Law655
261401-B1B AMDPublic Law655
261401-B1B AMDPublic Law655
2620067C AFFPublic Law655
2620067C AMDPublic Law655
30-A2303  AFFPublic Law655
30-A2303  AMDPublic Law655
30-A2343  AFFPublic Law655
30-A2343  RPPublic Law655
30-A42154 AFFPublic Law655
30-A42154 AMDPublic Law655
30-A42211 AFFPublic Law655
30-A42211 AMDPublic Law655
30-A42212 AFFPublic Law655
30-A42212 AMDPublic Law655
30-A43015-C AFFPublic Law655
30-A43015-C NEWPublic Law655
30-A430113 AFFPublic Law655
30-A430113 RPPublic Law655
30-A430114-A AFFPublic Law655
30-A430114-A AMDPublic Law655
30-A43124 AFFPublic Law655
30-A43124 AMDPublic Law655
30-A43143 AFFPublic Law655
30-A43143 AMDPublic Law655
30-A43263-AA AFFPublic Law655
30-A43263-AA AMDPublic Law655
30-A4331  AFFPublic Law655
30-A4331  AMDPublic Law655
30-A4345  AFFPublic Law655
30-A4345  AMDPublic Law655
30-A4346  AFFPublic Law655
30-A4346  AMDPublic Law655
30-A4347-A  AFFPublic Law655
30-A4347-A  AMDPublic Law655
30-A4349-A1C AFFPublic Law655
30-A4349-A1C AMDPublic Law655
30-A4349-A3-AA AFFPublic Law655
30-A4349-A3-AA AMDPublic Law655
30-A4349-A3-AD AFFPublic Law655
30-A4349-A3-AD AMDPublic Law655
30-A43532B AFFPublic Law655
30-A43532B AMDPublic Law655
30-A43533 AFFPublic Law655
30-A43533 AMDPublic Law655
30-A4451  AFFPublic Law655
30-A4451  AMDPublic Law655
30-A44527 AFFPublic Law655
30-A44527 AMDPublic Law655
30-A4453  AFFPublic Law655
30-A4453  AMDPublic Law655
30-A52262 AFFPublic Law655
30-A52262 AMDPublic Law655
30-A5250-J4-B RPPublic Law655
30-A56522 AFFPublic Law655
30-A56522 AMDPublic Law655
30-A572410 AFFPublic Law655
30-A572410 AMDPublic Law655
30-A59036-A AFFPublic Law655
30-A59036-A AMDPublic Law655
30-A5953-D3D AFFPublic Law655
30-A5953-D3D AMDPublic Law655
30-A5953-D5 AFFPublic Law655
30-A5953-D5 AMDPublic Law655
30-A62081A AFFPublic Law655
30-A62081A RPPublic Law655
324700-G2 AFFPublic Law655
324700-G2 AMDPublic Law655
324700-G6 AFFPublic Law655
324700-G6 AMDPublic Law655
331324 AFFPublic Law655
331324 AMDPublic Law655
33479-C  AFFPublic Law655
33479-C  AMDPublic Law655
331213  AFFPublic Law655
331213  AMDPublic Law655
34-A1218  NEWPublic Law655
35-A1221-BA AFFPublic Law655
35-A1221-BA AMDPublic Law655
35-A1222B AFFPublic Law655
35-A1222B AMDPublic Law655
35-A1227C AFFPublic Law655
35-A1227C AMDPublic Law655
35-A17013 AMDPublic Law655
35-A34519H AFFPublic Law655
35-A34519H AMDPublic Law655
35-A3454 1 AFFPublic Law655
35-A3454 1 AMDPublic Law655
35-A34545 AFFPublic Law655
35-A34545 AMDPublic Law655
35-A34572 AFFPublic Law655
35-A34572 AMDPublic Law655
35-A41313C AFFPublic Law655
35-A41313C AMDPublic Law655
35-A101032A AFFPublic Law655
35-A101032A AMDPublic Law655
361117 AFFPublic Law655
361117 AMDPublic Law655
361122 AFFPublic Law655
361122 AMDPublic Law655
361127 AFFPublic Law655
361127 AMDPublic Law655
36187-B1-A AFFPublic Law655
36187-B1-A RPPublic Law655
36187-B7 AFFPublic Law655
36187-B7 AMDPublic Law655
361912F AFFPublic Law655
361912F AMDPublic Law655
363052C AFFPublic Law655
363052C AMDPublic Law655
363056 AFFPublic Law655
363056 AMDPublic Law655
361140-B1 AFFPublic Law655
361140-B1 AMDPublic Law655
3617528-C AFFPublic Law655
3617528-C NEWPublic Law655
36175211B AFFPublic Law655
36175211B AMDPublic Law655
36176094 AFFPublic Law655
36176094 NEWPublic Law655
3620166 AMDPublic Law655
36510210 AFFPublic Law655
36510210 AMDPublic Law655
3652226 AFFPublic Law655
3652226 RPPublic Law655
365241  AFFPublic Law655
365241  RPPublic Law655
365245  AFFPublic Law655
365245  RPPublic Law655
366759  AFFPublic Law655
366759  AMDPublic Law655
367302  AFFPublic Law655
367302  AMDPublic Law655
37-B7422B AFFPublic Law655
37-B7422B AMDPublic Law655
37-B1112  AFFPublic Law655
37-B1112  AMDPublic Law655
37-B11193 AFFPublic Law655
37-B11193 AMDPublic Law655
37-B11312G AFFPublic Law655
37-B11312G RPPublic Law655
38361-A1-D AFFPublic Law655
38361-A1-D AMDPublic Law655
38401 7 AFFPublic Law655
38401 7 AMDPublic Law655
38402  AFFPublic Law655
38402  AMDPublic Law655
38410-I1 AFFPublic Law655
38410-I1 AMDPublic Law655
38410-M 5 AFFPublic Law655
38410-M 5 RPPublic Law655
38420-D6 AFFPublic Law655
38420-D6 AMDPublic Law655
38420-D11A AFFPublic Law655
38420-D11A AMDPublic Law655
38470-G  AFFPublic Law655
38470-G  RPPublic Law655
38480-F1B AFFPublic Law655
38480-F1B AMDPublic Law655
38480-F1F AFFPublic Law655
38480-F1F AMDPublic Law655
38480-HH3H AFFPublic Law655
38480-HH3H AMDPublic Law655
38480-Z3 AFFPublic Law655
38480-Z3 AMDPublic Law655
3848410 AFFPublic Law655
3848410 AMDPublic Law655
3848814A AFFPublic Law655
3848814A AMDPublic Law655
3848819 AFFPublic Law655
3848819 AMDPublic Law655
38489-D2B AFFPublic Law655
38489-D2B AMDPublic Law655
38546-B1 AFFPublic Law655
38546-B1 AMDPublic Law655
38549  AFFPublic Law655
38549  AMDPublic Law655
386343 AFFPublic Law655
386343 AMDPublic Law655
38640 1 AFFPublic Law655
38640 1 AMDPublic Law655
38909  AFFPublic Law655
38909  AMDPublic Law655
389561 AFFPublic Law655
389561 AMDPublic Law655
389562B AFFPublic Law655
389562B AMDPublic Law655
38961  AFFPublic Law655
38961  AMDPublic Law655
38961 1 AFFPublic Law655
3811632 AFFPublic Law655
3811632 AMDPublic Law655
3812527B AFFPublic Law655
3812527B AMDPublic Law655
381303-C6D AFFPublic Law655
381303-C6D AMDPublic Law655
381303-C19-C AFFPublic Law655
381303-C19-C RPPublic Law655
381303-C35 AFFPublic Law655
381303-C35 AMDPublic Law655
3813044 AFFPublic Law655
3813044 AMDPublic Law655
38130413 AFFPublic Law655
38130413 AMDPublic Law655
381304-B4-AD AFFPublic Law655
381304-B4-AD AMDPublic Law655
381309  AFFPublic Law655
381309  AFFPublic Law655
381309  AMDPublic Law655
381310-S1 AFFPublic Law655
381310-S1 AMDPublic Law655
381310-U 1 AFFPublic Law655
381310-U 1 AMDPublic Law655
381316-G 1 AFFPublic Law655
381316-G 1 AMDPublic Law655
381316-G2 AFFPublic Law655
381316-G2 AMDPublic Law655
381316-G3 AFFPublic Law655
381316-G3 AMDPublic Law655
381480-A  AFFPublic Law655
381480-A  AMDPublic Law655
3816522 AFFPublic Law655
3816522 AMDPublic Law655
381668  AFFPublic Law655
381668  AMDPublic Law655
381669  AFFPublic Law655
381669  AMDPublic Law655
3817059-B AFFPublic Law655
3817059-B RPPublic Law655
381721  AFFPublic Law655
381721  AMDPublic Law655
381722  AFFPublic Law655
381722  AMDPublic Law655
381725 1 AFFPublic Law655
381725 1 AMDPublic Law655
381726-A4A AFFPublic Law655
381726-A4A AMDPublic Law655
381727  AFFPublic Law655
381727  AMDPublic Law655
381803  AFFPublic Law655
381803  RPPublic Law655
381804  AFFPublic Law655
381804  AMDPublic Law655
3819051 AFFPublic Law655
3819051 AMDPublic Law655
3820132A AFFPublic Law655
3820132A RPPublic Law655
382101-A2 AFFPublic Law655
382101-A2 RPPublic Law655
382101-A3 AFFPublic Law655
382101-A3 NEWPublic Law655
382122  AFFPublic Law655
382122  AMDPublic Law655
382123-C  AFFPublic Law655
382123-C  RPPublic Law655
382124  AFFPublic Law655
382124  AMDPublic Law655
382124-A  AFFPublic Law655
382124-A  AMDPublic Law655
382132  AFFPublic Law655
382132  AMDPublic Law655
382133  AFFPublic Law655
382133  AMDPublic Law655
382134 1 AFFPublic Law655
382134 1 AMDPublic Law655
3821343 AFFPublic Law655
3821343 AMDPublic Law655
3821381 AFFPublic Law655
3821381 AMDPublic Law655
382140  AFFPublic Law655
382140  AMDPublic Law655
382151-A  AFFPublic Law655
382151-A  AMDPublic Law655
382152  AFFPublic Law655
382152  RPPublic Law655
3821531 AFFPublic Law655
3821531 AMDPublic Law655
382154  AFFPublic Law655
382154  AMDPublic Law655
382155  AFFPublic Law655
382155  AMDPublic Law655
382156-A  AFFPublic Law655
382156-A  AMDPublic Law655
382159  AFFPublic Law655
382159  AMDPublic Law655
3821601 AFFPublic Law655
3821601 AMDPublic Law655
3821604 AFFPublic Law655
3821604 AMDPublic Law655
382161  AFFPublic Law655
382161  AMDPublic Law655
382162  AFFPublic Law655
382162  AMDPublic Law655
382170  AFFPublic Law655
382170  AMDPublic Law655
382170-A 1 AFFPublic Law655
382170-A 1 AMDPublic Law655
382171 1 AFFPublic Law655
382171 1 AMDPublic Law655
382172 1 AFFPublic Law655
382172 1 AMDPublic Law655
3821722A AFFPublic Law655
3821722A AMDPublic Law655
382173  AFFPublic Law655
382173  AMDPublic Law655
3821742 AFFPublic Law655
3821742 AMDPublic Law655
382175-A  AFFPublic Law655
382175-A  AMDPublic Law655
382175-B  AFFPublic Law655
382175-B  AMDPublic Law655
382176 1 AFFPublic Law655
382176 1 AMDPublic Law655
3821764 AFFPublic Law655
3821764 AMDPublic Law655
382177  AFFPublic Law655
382177  AMDPublic Law655
382191  AFFPublic Law655
382191  AMDPublic Law655
382192  AFFPublic Law655
382192  AMDPublic Law655
382193  AFFPublic Law655
382193  AMDPublic Law655
382201  AFFPublic Law655
382201  AMDPublic Law655
382232 1 AFFPublic Law655
382232 1 AMDPublic Law655
3822324 AFFPublic Law655
3822324 AMDPublic Law655
3822325 AFFPublic Law655
3822325 AMDPublic Law655
3822325 AMDPublic Law655
382235  AFFPublic Law655
382235  AMDPublic Law655
382236  AFFPublic Law655
382236  AMDPublic Law655