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125th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session

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SP 640
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An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council Regarding Respectful Language

Documents and DispositionLD 1845, SP 640Text
LD 1845
SP 640
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Fiscal Status
Fiscal Impact
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Final DispositionEmergency Enacted, Mar 20, 2012
Governor's Action: Emergency Signed, Mar 20, 2012

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 542
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version.Chapter Fiscal NoteFiscal Note PDFFiscal

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Amendments to LD 1845

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Status In Committee

Originated from Committee on Health and Human Services on Mar 6, 2012.
Latest Committee Action: Comes From Committee, Mar 6, 2012, HHS
Latest Committee Report: Mar 6, 2012, Ought To Pass


Committee Docket
Mar 6, 2012Reported Out 
Mar 6, 2012Voted 
Mar 6, 2012Comes From CommitteeHHS
Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
41524 AMDPublic Law542
516426 AMDPublic Law542
54553-A1B AMDPublic Law542
512004-I66 AMDPublic Law542
512004-J15 AMDPublic Law542
5200056 AMDPublic Law542
12108537A AMDPublic Law542
15101-D4 AMDPublic Law542
15101-D5A AMDPublic Law542
15103 1 AMDPublic Law542
17-A2532J AMDPublic Law542
17-A255-A1Q AMDPublic Law542
17-A255-A1R AMDPublic Law542
17-A2601I AMDPublic Law542
18-A5-6010-a AMDPublic Law542
18-A5-6010-b AMDPublic Law542
18-A5-606  AMDPublic Law542
18-A5-608  RPPublic Law542
18-A5-609  AMDPublic Law542
18-A5-6132 AMDPublic Law542
19-A7013 AMDPublic Law542
20-A70011-BB AMDPublic Law542
20-A72581-A AMDPublic Law542
20-A72581-B AMDPublic Law542
221-A3 NEWPublic Law542
22421-A AMDPublic Law542
228024-AA AMDPublic Law542
228121G AMDPublic Law542
221714-A1F AMDPublic Law542
221812-B  AMDPublic Law542
2218262B AMDPublic Law542
2220532-A AMDPublic Law542
223172-B1 AMDPublic Law542
223172-B4 AMDPublic Law542
223174-I2 AMDPublic Law542
223186 4 AMDPublic Law542
223187  AMDPublic Law542
2235731B AMDPublic Law542
2251045-A AMDPublic Law542
2251047-A AMDPublic Law542
2251062E AMDPublic Law542
22510611-B AMDPublic Law542
2253041-A NEWPublic Law542
2253109 AMDPublic Law542
226110 4 AMDPublic Law542
2261114 AMDPublic Law542
2261115 AMDPublic Law542
2273026 AMDPublic Law542
2279427 AMDPublic Law542
2287522 AMDPublic Law542
22-A1011-A NEWPublic Law542
22-A2031C AMDPublic Law542
22-A2064 AMDPublic Law542
22-A2077 AMDPublic Law542
30-A15611E AMDPublic Law542
30-A4349-A1C AMDPublic Law542
30-A47222C AMDPublic Law542
3263-A1 AMDPublic Law542
34-A10011-B NEWPublic Law542
34-A12061D AMDPublic Law542
34-A30312A AMDPublic Law542
34-B10011-A NEWPublic Law542
34-B10014-B NEWPublic Law542
34-B12073A RPRPublic Law542
34-B12081D AMDPublic Law542
34-B12081H AMDPublic Law542
34-B12087 AMDPublic Law542
34-B12182 AMDPublic Law542
34-B12231 AMDPublic Law542
34-B12238 AMDPublic Law542
34-B12239A AMDPublic Law542
34-B12239D AMDPublic Law542
34-B122310 AMDPublic Law542
34-B14021 AMDPublic Law542
34-B14022C AMDPublic Law542
34-B1407  AMDPublic Law542
34-B1408  AMDPublic Law542
34-B14312 AMDPublic Law542
34-B50011-B AMDPublic Law542
34-B50012 AMDPublic Law542
34-B50012-A AMDPublic Law542
34-B50013 AMDPublic Law542
34-B50013-A RPPublic Law542
34-B50013-B AMDPublic Law542
34-B50013-C AMDPublic Law542
34-B50013-D AMDPublic Law542
34-B5002  AMDPublic Law542
34-B5003-A  AMDPublic Law542
34-B5004  AMDPublic Law542
34-B50051 AMDPublic Law542
34-B50052A AMDPublic Law542
34-B50053 AMDPublic Law542
34-B50054B AMDPublic Law542
34-B50056A AMDPublic Law542
34-B50057 AMDPublic Law542
34-B52012 AMDPublic Law542
34-B52013 AMDPublic Law542
34-B52014 AMDPublic Law542
34-B52016 AMDPublic Law542
34-B52017 AMDPublic Law542
34-B5206  AMDPublic Law542
34-B5431  AMDPublic Law542
34-B54321 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54332 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54333 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54341 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54343 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54351 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54352B AMDPublic Law542
34-B5437 1 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54373A AMDPublic Law542
34-B5438  AMDPublic Law542
34-B54611 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54612 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54614 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54615 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54617-AC AMDPublic Law542
34-B54618 AMDPublic Law542
34-B546110B AMDPublic Law542
34-B5462  AMDPublic Law542
34-B54671 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54672D AMDPublic Law542
34-B54682 AMDPublic Law542
34-B5469  AMDPublic Law542
34-B5470-B1 AMDPublic Law542
34-B5470-B2 AMDPublic Law542
34-B5470-B3 AMDPublic Law542
34-B5470-B4 AMDPublic Law542
34-B5470-B8B AMDPublic Law542
34-B54743 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54752C AMDPublic Law542
34-B5476  AMDPublic Law542
34-B54771 AMDPublic Law542
34-B54774B AMDPublic Law542
34-B54781 AMDPublic Law542
34-B56015 AMDPublic Law542
34-B56015-A AMDPublic Law542
34-B56015-B AMDPublic Law542
34-B56017-A AMDPublic Law542
34-B5602  AMDPublic Law542
34-B5603  AMDPublic Law542
34-B5604  AMDPublic Law542
34-B5604-A2 AMDPublic Law542
34-B5604-A3 AMDPublic Law542
34-B5605  AMDPublic Law542
34-B56063 AMDPublic Law542
34-B56101 AMDPublic Law542
34-B6001  AMDPublic Law542
34-B62012 AMDPublic Law542
34-B6205  AMDPublic Law542
36176028 AMDPublic Law542
3625511-B AMDPublic Law542
3625511-G NEWPublic Law542
3625517-B AMDPublic Law542
3625521I AMDPublic Law542
3625576 AMDPublic Law542
362559  AMDPublic Law542
3628713-B NEWPublic Law542
3628716 AMDPublic Law542