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124th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 1051
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An Act To Implement Tax Relief and Tax Reform

Documents and DispositionLD 1495, HP 1051Text
LD 1495
HP 1051
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Final DispositionEnacted, Jun 12, 2009
Governor's Action: Signed, Jun 12, 2009

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 382
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version. 

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Amendments to LD 1495Sponsored By Representative Tardy of NewportH-A (H-578)
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Fiscal Status
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Fiscal Note

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Status In Committee

Latest Committee Report: Not Reported Out


Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
513090-K2 AFFPublic Law382
513090-K2 AMDPublic Law382
101305  AFFPublic Law382
101305  AMDPublic Law382
234210-B7 AFFPublic Law382
234210-B7 AMDPublic Law382
3617521-I AFFPublic Law382
3617521-I NEWPublic Law382
3617521-J AFFPublic Law382
3617521-J NEWPublic Law382
3617521-K AFFPublic Law382
3617521-K NEWPublic Law382
3617522-F AFFPublic Law382
3617522-F NEWPublic Law382
3617522-G AFFPublic Law382
3617522-G NEWPublic Law382
3617524-A AFFPublic Law382
3617524-A NEWPublic Law382
3617525-D AFFPublic Law382
3617525-D NEWPublic Law382
3617528-A AFFPublic Law382
3617528-A AMDPublic Law382
3617528-C AFFPublic Law382
3617528-C NEWPublic Law382
36175211 AFFPublic Law382
36175211 RPPublic Law382
36175211-A AFFPublic Law382
36175211-A NEWPublic Law382
36175211-B AFFPublic Law382
36175211-B NEWPublic Law382
36175213 AFFPublic Law382
36175213 AMDPublic Law382
36175214B AFFPublic Law382
36175214B AMDPublic Law382
36175214-F AFFPublic Law382
36175214-F NEWPublic Law382
36175217-B AFFPublic Law382
36175217-B RPRPublic Law382
36175220-B AFFPublic Law382
36175220-B NEWPublic Law382
36175221 AFFPublic Law382
36175221 AMDPublic Law382
361754-B1C AFFPublic Law382
361754-B1C AMDPublic Law382
361758  AFFPublic Law382
361758  RPPublic Law382
3617606E AFFPublic Law382
3617606E AMDPublic Law382
3617606F AFFPublic Law382
3617606F AMDPublic Law382
3617606G AFFPublic Law382
3617606G NEWPublic Law382
36176032-A AFFPublic Law382
36176032-A NEWPublic Law382
36176045 AFFPublic Law382
36176045 AMDPublic Law382
36176082-A AFFPublic Law382
36176082-A NEWPublic Law382
36176092 AFFPublic Law382
36176092 NEWPublic Law382
36176093 AFFPublic Law382
36176093 NEWPublic Law382
36176094 AFFPublic Law382
36176094 NEWPublic Law382
361760-C  AFFPublic Law382
361760-C  AMDPublic Law382
361763  AFFPublic Law382
361763  AMDPublic Law382
361811 1 AFFPublic Law382
361811 1 AMDPublic Law382
361811 3 AFFPublic Law382
361811 3 RPPublic Law382
3618121 AFFPublic Law382
3618121 RPRPublic Law382
3618122 AFFPublic Law382
3618122 AMDPublic Law382
361817  AFFPublic Law382
361817  NEWPublic Law382
361818  AFFPublic Law382
361818  NEWPublic Law382
361861  AFFPublic Law382
361861  AMDPublic Law382
361862  AFFPublic Law382
361862  AMDPublic Law382
362020  AFFPublic Law382
362020  NEWPublic Law382
362021  AFFPublic Law382
362021  NEWPublic Law382
3625511 AFFPublic Law382
3625511 RPPublic Law382
36255733 AFFPublic Law382
36255733 AMDPublic Law382
36255734 AFFPublic Law382
36255734 AMDPublic Law382
364851  AFFPublic Law382
364851  NEWPublic Law382
364852  AFFPublic Law382
364852  NEWPublic Law382
365111  AFFPublic Law382
365111  RPRPublic Law382
365111 1 AFFPublic Law382
365111 1 RPRPublic Law382
365111-A  AFFPublic Law382
365111-A  RPPublic Law382
365111-C  AFFPublic Law382
365111-C  NEWPublic Law382
365112  AFFPublic Law382
365112  RPPublic Law382
365113  AFFPublic Law382
365113  RPPublic Law382
365121  AFFPublic Law382
365121  AMDPublic Law382
3651222L AFFPublic Law382
3651222L AMDPublic Law382
3651222T AFFPublic Law382
3651222T AMDPublic Law382
365124-A  AFFPublic Law382
365124-A  RPPublic Law382
365125  AFFPublic Law382
365125  RPPublic Law382
365126  AFFPublic Law382
365126  RPPublic Law382
365160  AFFPublic Law382
365160  AMDPublic Law382
3651922 AFFPublic Law382
3651922 RPPublic Law382
365203-C  AFFPublic Law382
365203-C  AMDPublic Law382
365204  AFFPublic Law382
365204  RPPublic Law382
365204-A  AFFPublic Law382
365204-A  RPPublic Law382
365216-C1 AFFPublic Law382
365216-C1 AMDPublic Law382
365217-A  AFFPublic Law382
365217-A  AMDPublic Law382
365218-A  AFFPublic Law382
365218-A  NEWPublic Law382
365218-B  AFFPublic Law382
365218-B  NEWPublic Law382
365218-C  AFFPublic Law382
365218-C  NEWPublic Law382
365218-D  AFFPublic Law382
365218-D  NEWPublic Law382
365219-A  AFFPublic Law382
365219-A  RPPublic Law382
365219-H2 AFFPublic Law382
365219-H2 AMDPublic Law382
365219-N  AFFPublic Law382
365219-N  RPPublic Law382
365219-S4 AFFPublic Law382
365219-S4 RPRPublic Law382
365224-A  AFFPublic Law382
365224-A  AMDPublic Law382
3652502 AFFPublic Law382
3652502 RPPublic Law382
3652505 AFFPublic Law382
3652505 NEWPublic Law382
3652751 AFFPublic Law382
3652751 AMDPublic Law382
3652752 AFFPublic Law382
3652752 RPPublic Law382
365401  AFFPublic Law382
365401  AMDPublic Law382
3654021-B AFFPublic Law382
3654021-B AMDPublic Law382
365403  AFFPublic Law382
365403  AMDPublic Law382
3662015 AFFPublic Law382
3662015 AMDPublic Law382
3662017 AFFPublic Law382
3662017 AMDPublic Law382
3662019 AFFPublic Law382
3662019 AMDPublic Law382
366203-A  AFFPublic Law382
366203-A  RPRPublic Law382
366204  AFFPublic Law382
366204  RPRPublic Law382
3662071A-1 AFFPublic Law382
3662071A-1 AMDPublic Law382
3662071B AFFPublic Law382
3662071B AMDPublic Law382
3662071C AFFPublic Law382
3662071C NEWPublic Law382
366210 2 AFFPublic Law382
366210 2 AMDPublic Law382