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125th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 1145
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An Act To Update Professional and Occupational Licensing Statutes

Documents and DispositionLD 1560, HP 1145Text
LD 1560
HP 1145
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Fiscal Status
Fiscal Impact
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Adopted Amendments C-A (H-396)
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Final DispositionEnacted, Jun 10, 2011
Governor's Action: Signed, Jun 10, 2011

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 286
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version.Chapter Fiscal NoteFiscal Note PDFFiscal

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Amendments to LD 1560Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-396)
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development on May 10, 2011.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, May 31, 2011
Latest Committee Report: May 31, 2011, Ought To Pass As Amended


Committee Docket
May 13, 2011Work Session Held 
May 13, 2011VotedOTP-AM
May 31, 2011Reported OutOTP-AM

View upcoming public hearings and work sessions for Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development.

Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
553012E AMDPublic Law286
512004-A48 AMDPublic Law286
950033 AMDPublic Law286
950039 AMDPublic Law286
950043N AMDPublic Law286
950043P AMDPublic Law286
950043Q NEWPublic Law286
950044D RPRPublic Law286
95005-B4 NEWPublic Law286
95008  AMDPublic Law286
95012-A  AMDPublic Law286
950131 AMDPublic Law286
95017  AMDPublic Law286
10800138 AMDPublic Law286
1080035-A AMDPublic Law286
108003-C4 AMDPublic Law286
108003-D  AMDPublic Law286
3264-B  AMDPublic Law286
322867 AMDPublic Law286
32291-A2 AMDPublic Law286
32291-A3 AMDPublic Law286
32291-A4 NEWPublic Law286
32503-B  AMDPublic Law286
3211011-A AMDPublic Law286
3211013-A AMDPublic Law286
3211014 AMDPublic Law286
3211014-A AMDPublic Law286
321102-A  RPPublic Law286
321102-B1 AMDPublic Law286
321102-B2 AMDPublic Law286
321102-B3 AMDPublic Law286
321104-A  AMDPublic Law286
3211054 AMDPublic Law286
321201  AMDPublic Law286
321201-A  NEWPublic Law286
3212022 AMDPublic Law286
3212025 AMDPublic Law286
322278  AMDPublic Law286
326208-A1 AMDPublic Law286
329707  AMDPublic Law286
32131736 AMDPublic Law286
3213177-A2 AMDPublic Law286
3213741  RPPublic Law286
32140117 NEWPublic Law286
32140271 AMDPublic Law286
32140352A AMDPublic Law286
32140362A AMDPublic Law286
32142023-A AMDPublic Law286
32142025-A NEWPublic Law286
321420210 AMDPublic Law286
321420210-A AMDPublic Law286
321420211 AMDPublic Law286
321420213 AMDPublic Law286
32142032 AMDPublic Law286
3214204  AMDPublic Law286
32142051 AMDPublic Law286
3214212-A2A AMDPublic Law286
32142241 AMDPublic Law286
32142242 AMDPublic Law286
32142243 AMDPublic Law286
32142244 AMDPublic Law286
3214225 3 RPPublic Law286
3214226 6 RPPublic Law286
32142264B RPPublic Law286
3214227 6 RPPublic Law286
32142274B RPPublic Law286
3214227-A  NEWPublic Law286
32142284B RPPublic Law286
3214229  AMDPublic Law286
3214229-A  AMDPublic Law286
3214230  AMDPublic Law286
3214231  AMDPublic Law286
3214232  AMDPublic Law286
3214233  AMDPublic Law286
3214235 2 AMDPublic Law286
3214236-A1D AMDPublic Law286
3214306-F1 AMDPublic Law286
32171014 AMDPublic Law286
321710115 RPPublic Law286
32171037 NEWPublic Law286
3217201 1 AMDPublic Law286