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128th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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SP 539
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An Act To Update the Maine Insurance Code To Maintain Conformance with Uniform National Standards

Documents and DispositionLD 1544, SP 539Text
LD 1544
SP 539
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Fiscal Status
Fiscal Impact
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Final DispositionEnacted, Jun 8, 2017
Governor's Action: Signed, Jun 8, 2017

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 169
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version.Chapter Fiscal NoteFiscal Note PDFFiscal

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Amendments to LD 1544

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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Insurance and Financial Services on Apr 27, 2017.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, May 31, 2017, OTP
Latest Committee Report: May 31, 2017, Ought To Pass


Committee Docket
May 11, 2017Work Session Held 
May 11, 2017VotedOTP
May 31, 2017Reported OutOTP

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Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
242306  AMDPublic Law169
242317-B1-A NEWPublic Law169
242317-B1-B NEWPublic Law169
242317-B16-B NEWPublic Law169
24-A2211 AMDPublic Law169
24-A2222B-3 NEWPublic Law169
24-A2222D-2 AMDPublic Law169
24-A2222D-6 NEWPublic Law169
24-A2224-CC AMDPublic Law169
24-A2227-C NEWPublic Law169
24-A2229A-1 AMDPublic Law169
24-A2229E AMDPublic Law169
24-A22211-CC AMDPublic Law169
24-A22213-AA AMDPublic Law169
24-A2231 AMDPublic Law169
24-A2232 AMDPublic Law169
24-A423-A  AMDPublic Law169
24-A423-G  NEWPublic Law169
24-A731-B1D AMDPublic Law169
24-A731-B2-B NEWPublic Law169
24-A11024 AMDPublic Law169
24-A11524 AMDPublic Law169
24-A41341 AMDPublic Law169
24-A41347 AMDPublic Law169
24-A4204-A2 AMDPublic Law169
24-A4208  AMDPublic Law169
24-A4222-B5 AMDPublic Law169
24-A4222-B23 NEWPublic Law169
24-A4222-B24 NEWPublic Law169
24-A4379 1 AMDPublic Law169
24-A43792 RPPublic Law169
24-A43794-A NEWPublic Law169
24-A43794-B NEWPublic Law169
24-A43795 AMDPublic Law169
24-A43798A AMDPublic Law169
24-A43862A AMDPublic Law169
24-A6401  AMDPublic Law169
24-A64022 RPPublic Law169
24-A64024 AMDPublic Law169
24-A64025 AMDPublic Law169
24-A64026 AMDPublic Law169
24-A64027 AMDPublic Law169
24-A64028 AMDPublic Law169
24-A6403  AMDPublic Law169
24-A6404  AMDPublic Law169
24-A6405  AMDPublic Law169
24-A64061 RPRPublic Law169
24-A64062 AMDPublic Law169
24-A64063 AMDPublic Law169
24-A6407  RPPublic Law169
24-A64562 RPRPublic Law169
24-A64581 AMDPublic Law169
24-A64583 NEWPublic Law169
24-A64602 AMDPublic Law169
24-A67015 AMDPublic Law169
24-A670112 AMDPublic Law169
24-A67023C AMDPublic Law169
24-A67061C AMDPublic Law169
24-A67062D AMDPublic Law169
24-A67063 AMDPublic Law169
24-A67066 AMDPublic Law169
24-A6707  AMDPublic Law169
24-A6715  AMDPublic Law169
24-A67242 AMDPublic Law169
24-A67244B AMDPublic Law169
24-A67244B-1 NEWPublic Law169
24-A67244C AMDPublic Law169
24-A67244L AMDPublic Law169