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128th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 89
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An Act To Require Photographic Identification to Vote

Documents and DispositionLD 121, HP 89Text
LD 121
HP 89
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Amendments to LD 121C-A (H-51)
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs on Jan 19, 2017.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Apr 18, 2017, ONTP/OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: Apr 18, 2017, MAJ: Ought Not To Pass, MIN: Ought To Pass As Amended


Committee Docket
Mar 3, 2017Work Session Held 
Mar 3, 2017VotedDivided Report
Apr 18, 2017Reported OutONTP/OTP-AM

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Divided Reports
ReportReport Signer
Ought Not To Pass
Representative Luchini of Ellsworth, Chair
Senator Carpenter of Aroostook
Representative Casas of Rockport
Representative Hickman of Winthrop
Representative Longstaff of Waterville
Representative Monaghan of Cape Elizabeth
Representative Schneck of Bangor
Ought To Pass As Amended
Senator Mason of Androscoggin, Chair
Senator Collins of York
Representative Dillingham of Oxford
Representative Farrin of Norridgewock
Representative Hanington of Lincoln
Representative White of Washburn
Bill Sponsors

Presented by Representative Farrin of Norridgewock.
Cosponsored by Senator Collins of York and
Senators Brakey of Androscoggin, Representative Craig of Brewer, Representatives Grignon of Athens, Harvell of Farmington, Mason of Lisbon, Ordway of Standish, Pickett of Dixfield, Stearns of Guilford, Stetkis of Canaan, Ward of Dedham.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections

None listed at this time.

House Docket
DateActionResultRoll CallDebateYeaNayAbs
Jan 17, 2017Referred to CommitteeREFERRED TO COMMITTEE VLA - PREVAILS     
Apr 25, 2017Accepted ReportACCEPTED REPORT MAJ (ONTP) REP - PREVAILS48 7667null
Senate Docket
DateActionResultRoll CallDebateYeaNayAbs
Jan 19, 2017Referred in ConcurrenceREFERRED IN CONCURRENCE VLA - PREVAILS