LD 402 LR 611(01)
An Act To Establish Maine Buy Local Month
Preliminary Fiscal Impact Statement for Original Bill
Sponsor: Rep. Hamann of South Portland
Committee: State and Local Government
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Preliminary Fiscal Impact Statement
FY 2017-18 FY 2018-19 Projections  FY 2019-20 Projections  FY 2020-21
Net Cost (Savings)
General Fund $287,132 $259,919 $262,317 $264,786
General Fund $287,132 $259,919 $262,317 $264,786
Fiscal Detail and Notes
The Business Development program within the Department of Economic and Community Development will require General Fund appropriations of $287,132 in fiscal year 2017-18 and $259,919 in fiscal year 2018-19 to establish a year-round program to promote Maine Buy Local Month.  
Of that amount, $107,132 and $109,919 is required in fiscal year 2017-18 and fiscal year 2018-19, respectively, for one Development Project Officer position and related all other costs to administer the program anticipated to start October 1, 2017.  Additionally, $180,000 in fiscal year 2017-18 and $150,000 in fiscal year 2018-19 is required for the research, marketing, advertising and other costs to promote the Maine Buy Local Month program.