LD 1596
Session - 128th Maine Legislature
LR 661
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An Act To Establish the Cannabis Advisory Commission

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. 5 MRSA §12004-I, sub-§52-C  is enacted to read:

Judiciary: Cannabis Cannabis Advisory Commission Expenses Only 17-A MRSA §1361

Sec. 2. 17-A MRSA c. 56  is enacted to read:



§ 1361 Establishment

The Cannabis Advisory Commission, established by Title 5, section 12004-I, subsection 52-C and referred to in this chapter as "the commission," is created for the purpose of conducting a continuing study of the laws relating to cannabis.

§ 1362 Membership; terms; vacancies

1   The commission consists of 15 members:
A The Director of the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations within the Department of Administrative and Financial Services or the director's designee;
B The Commissioner of Health and Human Services or the commissioner's designee;
C The Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation or the commissioner's designee;
D The Commissioner of Public Safety or the commissioner's designee;
E The Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry or the commissioner's designee;
F A representative of proponents of the Marijuana Legalization Act appointed by the Attorney General;
G A representative of a statewide municipal association appointed by the Attorney General;
H A representative of a statewide medical association appointed by the Attorney General;
I A representative of a statewide organization representing the medical marijuana industry appointed by the Attorney General;
J Two members of the public appointed by the Attorney General;
K Two members of the Senate appointed by the President of the Senate, including members from each of the 2 parties holding the largest number of seats in the Legislature; and
L Two members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House, including members from each of the 2 parties holding the largest number of seats in the Legislature.
2   Public members of the commission serve for a term of 2 years and may be reappointed. Members of the commission who are Legislators serve during the term of office for which they were elected.
3   In the event of the death or resignation of a public member, the vacancy for the member's unexpired term must be filled through an appointment by the Attorney General.
4   A quorum of the commission consists of 8 members.

§ 1363 Duties

1   The commission shall review laws and rules pertaining to the use, possession, transportation and consumption of cannabis as defined by Title 7, section 2422 and any other provision of law or rule pertaining to cannabis, including but not limited to laws and rules regarding public health, public safety, juvenile and adult criminal and civil offenses, workplace drug testing, workplace safety, motor vehicles, alcohol, landlords and tenants, the medical use of marijuana and taxes.
2   The commission shall submit to the Legislature such changes to the laws as it considers appropriate to preserve the public safety and well-being of the citizens of the State and the intent of citizens as expressed in passage of the Marijuana Legalization Act.
3   The commission may hold public hearings at such times and at such places as the commission considers appropriate in order to take testimony concerning the use, possession and distribution of cannabis and the agreement of the Marijuana Legalization Act with other provisions of law.
4   The commission shall issue a report of its findings and concerns to the Legislative Council by January 15th annually.

§ 1364 Organization; staff

1   The Legislative Council shall provide staffing services to the commission, except that the Legislative Council staff support is not authorized when the Legislature is in regular or special session. The Executive Director of the Legislative Council shall notify all members of the commission of the time and place of the first meeting. At that time the commission shall organize, elect a chair, vice-chair and secretary-treasurer and adopt policies as to the administration of the commission and its affairs.
2   Within the limits of its budget, the commission may contract with and employ staff members, who need not be residents of this State, to assist in legal research and drafting required in connection with the duties of the commission.
3   Whenever the commission considers it appropriate, the commission may seek the advice of consultants or experts, including representatives of the legislative and executive branches of State Government, in fields related to its duties.

§ 1365 Reimbursement of expenses

The members of the commission must be compensated according to Title 5, chapter 379.


This bill establishes the Cannabis Advisory Commission for the purpose of conducting a continuing study of the laws related to cannabis.

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