LD 1614
Session - 127th Maine Legislature
S "A" to C "A", Filing Number S-486, Sponsored by Hamper
LR 2681
Item 4
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

Amend the amendment by striking out everything after the title and before the summary and inserting the following:

Amend the resolve by striking out all of section 1 and inserting the following:

Sec. 1. Distributions by Department of Corrections. Resolved: That the Department of Corrections shall distribute the funds appropriated in this resolve prior to June 30, 2016 on the basis of the financial needs of each county jail and the regional jail. The department shall determine the financial needs of the jails in cooperation with the Maine County Commissioners Association and the Maine Sheriffs' Association, taking into consideration the revenues and verified expenditures of each jail and the use of tax assessments by each county as allowed by the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 30-A, section 701, subsection 2-C; and be it further

Sec. 2. Appropriations and allocations. Resolved: That the following appropriations and allocations are made.


County Jail Operations Fund Z194

Initiative: Provides one-time funding for the County Jail Operations Fund to meet funding needs for the operation of the State's county jails and regional jail.

GENERAL FUND 2015-16 2016-17
All Other
$2,465,896 $0
inline graphic sline.gif inline graphic sline.gif
GENERAL FUND TOTAL $2,465,896 $0


This amendment eliminates the proposed General Fund appropriation in fiscal year 2016-17 for the County Jail Operations Fund.

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