LD 155
Session - 127th Maine Legislature
LR 961
Item 1
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

An Act To Expand Housing Opportunities for Patients with Complex Medical Conditions


This bill is a concept draft pursuant to Joint Rule 208.

The purpose of this bill is to help ensure that patients with complex medical conditions who are in hospitals are placed in more appropriate nonhospital settings.

The bill proposes to fund the ongoing costs associated with beds in nonhospital settings for:

1. Patients with severe brain injuries;

2. Bariatric patients;

3. Patients who are dependent on a ventilator for the long-term;

4. Young adult patients with substance abuse issues who receive extended intravenous therapy due to infections;

5. Young adult patients with spinal cord injuries;

6. Young adult patients who have had strokes;

7. Homeless patients who need preoperative care such as feeding tubes; and

8. Patients who are violent and have been previously discharged from a health care facility due to violence.

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