LD 1362 LR 1934(02)
Resolve, To Establish a Moratorium on the Transportation of Tar Sands
Fiscal Note for Bill as Amended by Committee Amendment " "
Committee: Environment and Natural Resources
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Fiscal Note
FY 2013-14 FY 2014-15 Projections  FY 2015-16 Projections  FY 2016-17
Net Cost (Savings)
General Fund $14,382 $0 $0 $0
General Fund $14,382 $0 $0 $0
Fiscal Detail and Notes
The bill provides a one-time General Fund appropriation of $14,382 to the Department of Environmental Protection in FY 2013-14 for contracted technical services providing specialized expertise in petroleum engineering, environmental risk assessment and mitigation and for adminstrative costs incurred in the review of the health, safety and environmental risks associated with the handling and transportation of unrefined bituminous tar sands oil in the State.