LD 443
Session - 126th Maine Legislature
S "A" to C "A", Filing Number S-265, Sponsored by Patrick
LR 1475
Item 4
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

Amend the amendment in section 2 by striking out all of paragraph F (page 1, lines 29 to 35 in amendment) and inserting the following:

F If the employee is not working and has performed a work search sufficient for the receipt of unemployment benefits as required by the Department of Labor, a rebuttable presumption is created that the employee is entitled to 100% partial incapacity benefits under section 213. This presumption may be rebutted only by a showing that the employee has received a bona fide offer of reasonable employment and refused that offer without good and reasonable cause.


This amendment changes the benefits a person is presumed to be entitled to from an amount equal to the amount permitted for total incapacity to the amount permitted for partial incapacity, as long as the person has performed a work search sufficient to qualify for unemployment benefits.

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