LD 848 LR 824(06)
Resolve, Directing the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices To Study Modifying the Maine Clean Election Act
Fiscal Note for Bill as Engrossed with:
C "A" (S-54)
S "A" (S-332)
Committee: Veterans and Legal Affairs
Fiscal Note
Legislative Cost/Study
FY 2011-12 FY 2012-13 Projections  FY 2013-14 Projections  FY 2014-15
Other Special Revenue Funds ($3,250) $0 $0 $0
Legislative Cost/Study
The estimated cost for the Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs to hold 2 interim meetings to review the report and report out legislation is projected to be $3,250 in fiscal year 2011-12.  This bill transfers $3,250 from the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, Clean Election Fund account to the Legislature's Legislative, General Fund account to provide funding for the estimated costs of 2 interim committee meetings required by this Resolve and approved by the Legislative Council.