LD 659 LR 1432(04)
An Act To Repeal the Maine Clean Election Laws
Fiscal Note for House Amendment "   "
Sponsor: Rep. Libby of Waterboro
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Fiscal Note
FY 2011-12 FY 2012-13 Projections  FY 2013-14 Projections  FY 2014-15
Net Cost (Savings)
General Fund $1,774,631 $1,767,303 $1,758,533 $1,749,493
General Fund ($415,369) ($422,697) ($431,467) ($440,507)
Other Special Revenue Funds $3,522,676 $1,539,543 $3,782,649 $1,686,155
General Fund ($2,190,000) ($2,190,000) ($2,190,000) ($2,190,000)
Other Special Revenue Funds $2,327,500 $2,190,000 $2,337,250 $2,190,000
Referendum Costs Month/Year Election Type Question Length
Nov-11 General Referendum Standard
The Secretary of State's budget includes sufficient funds to accommodate one ballot of average length for the general election in November.  If the number or size of the referendum questions requires production and delivery of a second ballot, an additional appropriation of $107,250 may be required.
Fiscal Detail and Notes
This floor amendment eliminates the repeal of the entire Maine Clean Election Act and instead repeals Maine Clean Election Act funding for gubernatorial candidates.  The incremental effect compared to the original bill is a reduction in General Fund revenue from restoring the transfer to the Maine Clean Election Fund and a General Fund savings from no longer having to transfer funding for 5 positions from Other Special Revenue Funds to the General Fund.  Other Special Revenue Funds allocations are included for restoring 2 positions and payments to candidates.  Other Special Revenue Funds revenue is increased from restoring the transfer from the General Fund and reinstating qualifying contributions from candidates.