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RESOLVE Chapter 102

Emergency Signed on 2011-07-06 00:00:00.0 - First Regular Session - 125th Maine Legislature
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Resolve, To Establish a Task Force on Franco-Americans

Emergency preamble. Whereas,  acts and resolves of the Legislature do not become effective until 90 days after adjournment unless enacted as emergencies; and

Whereas,  the Task Force on Franco-Americans is established to find ways to promote and preserve the Franco-American heritage that is shared by a great number of Maine citizens; and

Whereas,  the study must be initiated before the 90-day period expires in order that the study may be completed and a report prepared in time for submission to the next legislative session; and

Whereas,  in the judgment of the Legislature, these facts create an emergency within the meaning of the Constitution of Maine and require the following legislation as immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety; now, therefore, be it

Sec. 1. Task force established. Resolved: That, notwithstanding Joint Rule 353, the Task Force on Franco-Americans, referred to in this resolve as "the task force," is established; and be it further

Sec. 2. Task force membership. Resolved: That the task force consists of 13 members appointed as follows:

1. Four members of the public appointed by the Governor;

2. Four members appointed by the President of the Senate as follows:

A. One Senator; and

B. Three members of the public; and

3. Five members appointed by the Speaker of the House as follows:

A. Two members of the House of Representatives; and

B. Three members of the public; and be it further

Sec. 3. Chairs. Resolved: That the first-named Senate member is the Senate chair and the first-named House of Representatives member is the House chair of the task force; and be it further

Sec. 4. Appointments; convening of task force. Resolved: That all appointments must be made no later than 30 days following the effective date of this resolve. The appointing authorities shall notify the Executive Director of the Legislative Council once all appointments have been completed. After appointment of all members, the chairs shall call and convene the first meeting of the task force. If 30 days or more after the effective date of this resolve a majority of but not all appointments have been made, the chairs may request authority and the Legislative Council may grant authority for the task force to meet and conduct its business; and be it further

Sec. 5. Duties. Resolved: That the task force, upon determining a definition for who is a Franco-American, shall gather basic data about Franco-Americans, including, but not limited to, how many Franco-Americans reside in the State, the percentage of the State's population that is Franco-American, if they speak French, their educational achievement, their annual income and where they live, and shall find ways to promote and preserve the Franco-American heritage that is shared by a great number of Maine citizens. The Franco-American Center at the University of Maine shall work in conjunction with the task force in fulfilling the duties of the task force. The task force may also work with individuals or nonprofit or charitable organizations toward the completion of its duties and responsibilities; and be it further

Sec. 6. Staff assistance. Resolved: That, notwithstanding Joint Rule 353, the Legislative Council shall provide necessary staffing services to the task force; and be it further

Sec. 7. Report. Resolved: That, no later than December 7, 2011, the task force shall provide a preliminary report with draft recommendations to the Second Regular Session of the 125th Legislature. The final report, including findings and recommendations, must be submitted to the joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over education and cultural affairs by November 7, 2012. That joint standing committee is authorized to introduce a bill to the First Regular Session of the 126th Legislature related to the subject matter of the report; and be it further

Sec. 8. Outside funding. Resolved: That the task force shall seek funding contributions to fully fund the costs of the study. All funding is subject to approval by the Legislative Council in accordance with its policies. If sufficient contributions to fund the study have not been received within 30 days after the effective date of this resolve, no meetings are authorized and no expenses of any kind may be incurred or reimbursed; and be it further

Sec. 9. Appropriations and allocations. Resolved: That the following appropriations and allocations are made.


Study Commissions - Funding 0444

Initiative: Provides allocations to authorize expenditures for the Task Force on Franco-Americans in the event that funding for the task force is received by the Legislature from outside sources.

Personal Services
$660 $660
All Other
$3,485 $3,485
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Emergency clause. In view of the emergency cited in the preamble, this legislation takes effect when approved.

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