LD 1746
Second Regular Session - 125th Maine Legislature
H "L" to C "A", Filing Number H-974, Sponsored by FLOOD
LR 2678
Item 5
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

Amend the amendment in Part A in section 1 in that part designated "HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF (FORMERLY DHS)" in the first occurrence of "Departmentwide 0019" in the first line (page 13, line 32 in amendment) by striking out the following: "0019" and inserting the following: '0640'

Amend the amendment in Part D in section 2 in the 4th line from the end (page 27, line 42 in amendment) by inserting after the following: "approved by the Governor." the following: 'The amounts transferred are considered adjustments to appropriations.'


This amendment makes 2 technical changes to Committee Amendment "A".

The first change corrects a program number to assign it to the proper Departmentwide program in the Department of Health and Human Services.

The 2nd change adds a provision in the contingent transfer from the Maine Budget Stabilization Fund. In the event that there is a transfer to the designated General Fund program, the added phrase that the transfers are considered adjustments to appropriations will avoid a discrepancy between the accounting and budgetary records of the Office of the State Controller and the Bureau of the Budget in the Department of Administrative and Financial Services.

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