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PUBLIC Law, Chapter 684
SIGNED on 2006-06-02 - Second Regular Session - 122nd Legislature - Get Text: MS-Word, RTF | PDF
LR 3295
Item 1

An Act Relating to the Handling of Firearms Confiscated by Law Enforcement Officers Pursuant to a Court Order

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. 25 MRSA §2804-C, sub-§2-C  is enacted to read:

2-C Receipt of firearms; training; procedure; liability.   Beginning January 1, 2008, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy shall provide training for municipal, county and state law enforcement officers regarding the proper handling, storage, safekeeping and return of firearms and firearm accessories received pursuant to a court order under Title 19-A, section 4006, subsection 2-A or Title 19-A, section 4007, subsection 1, paragraph A-1. Such training must include education concerning the prohibitions on the purchase or possession of a firearm when a protection order has been obtained and communication with parties to protection orders concerning such prohibitions.

In developing materials for training in domestic violence issues, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy may consult with a statewide organization involved in advocacy for victims of domestic violence and with an organization having statewide membership representing the interests of firearms owners.

A law enforcement officer who receives custody of a firearm pursuant to Title 19-A, section 4006, subsection 2-A or Title 19-A, section 4007, subsection 1, paragraph A-1 shall exercise reasonable care to avoid loss, damage or reduction in value of the firearm and may not permanently mark the firearm or fire the firearm unless there is reasonable suspicion that the firearm has been used in the commission of a crime. Any liability for damage or reduction in value to such a firearm is governed by Title 14, chapter 741.

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