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LR 2199
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Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. 17-A MRSA 1058 is enacted to read:

1058.__Possession of electronic weapon

1.__A person is guilty of possession of an electronic weapon
if the person possesses an electronic weapon.__Possession of an
electronic weapon is a Class D crime.

2.__As used in this section, "electronic weapon" means a
portable device or weapon from which an electrical current,
impulse, wave or beam may be directed, which current, impulse,
wave or beam is designed to cause bodily injury or serious bodily
injury to a person.

3.__This section does not apply to possession of an electronic
weapon by:

A.__A law enforcement officer or corrections officer in the
discharge of the officer's official duties if the officer's
appointing authority has authorized the possession and use
of the electronic weapon; or

B.__A supplier of electronic weapons if possession of the
electronic weapon is necessary to the supply or sale of the
device or weapon.


This bill prohibits the possession of an electronic weapon
designed to incapacitate, injure or kill a person, except by a
law enforcement officer, corrections officer or a supplier of
electronic weapons to law enforcement organizations.

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