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LR 1634
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Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. 25 MRSA 2043 is enacted to read:

2043.__Operation of gun show

1.__Definitions.__As used in this section, unless the
context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the
following meanings.

A.__"Gun show" means any event or function:

(1)__Whose purpose is to facilitate the purchase and
sale of firearms;

(2)__At which 3 or more vendors of firearms offer
firearms for sale; and

(3)__At which 25 or more firearms are offered for

B.__"Licensed firearms dealer" means any person who is
licensed pursuant to 18 United States Code, Section 923 as
a firearms dealer.

C.__"National instant criminal background check" means the
background check established under section 103 of the
federal Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Public Law

2.__Background checks at gun shows; liability of gun show
operator.__A firearm may not be sold or transferred at a gun
show unless the seller or transferor conducts a national
instant criminal background check of the purchaser or
transferee.__Each sale or transfer made without the required
national instant criminal background check is a violation of
this section by the gun show operator and is subject to
subsection 4.

3.__Gun show operator.__The operator of a gun show shall:

A.__At all times during the gun show conspicuously post
and maintain signs at all__places where tickets to the gun
show are sold stating:

"A national instant criminal background check must be
completed prior to all firearm sales or transfers,
including sales or transfers of rifles or shotguns."

Signs must be posted at all entrances to the gun show and
at all places where admission tickets to the gun show are

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