Directory of Bills
From LD 800 to LD 999

LD 800
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Kennebec County Advisory Budget Committee
LD 801
An Act to Authorize the State and Participating Municipalities to Pool Health Care in a Joint Venture
LD 802
An Act to Improve End-of-life Care in the State
LD 803
An Act to Implement the Recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on Taxation Resulting from Its Review of Income Tax Expenditures Pursuant to the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 36, chapter 9
LD 804
An Act to Transfer Health Insurance Eligibility to the Spouse of a Deceased Teacher
LD 805
An Act to Allow a $5,000 State Income Tax Exemption for Any Full-time, Postsecondary Student With a Taxable Income of $20,000 or Less
LD 806
An Act to Amend the Concealed Firearms Laws
LD 807
An Act to Provide for Plenary Proceedings in Actions for Forcible Entry and Detainer
LD 808
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Service Territory of Kennebunk Light and Power District
LD 809
An Act to Create a Maine Black Bears License Plate
LD 810
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Deduction of Pension and Retirement Benefits from State Income Tax
LD 811
An Act to Retain Engineering Expertise in the State
LD 812
An Act to Provide Insurance Parity for Substance Abuse Treatment
LD 813
An Act to Increase to Previous Levels the Number of Traps a Holder of Lobster Licenses may Maintain
LD 814
An Act to Promote Safety on the Highways
LD 815
An Act to Foster the Survival of Maine Small Businesses in Snowmobile and ATV Sales
LD 816
An Act to Clarify Discounts to Nonsmokers in the Health Insurance Premium Rates
LD 817
An Act to Protect Maine Children
LD 818
An Act to Exempt from the Sales Tax the Deposit on Automotive Cores
LD 819
An Act to Revitalize Teacher Certification Support Systems
LD 820
An Act to Require a Public Hearing on Hospital Certificate of Need Proposals
LD 821
An Act to Promote the Recycling of Household Batteries
LD 822
An Act to Protect the Rights of Maine Citizens and Industries from Influences Outside of Maine
LD 823
An Act to Discourage Environmental Terrorism
LD 824
An Act to Provide Free Access to Any Great Pond Controlled by a Dam
LD 825
An Act to Require Free Access to Waters Stocked by the State
LD 826
Resolve, to Restore the Steel Bridge in New Sharon
LD 827
An Act Requiring a Mandatory Jail Sentence for a Person Convicted Twice of Sexual Abuse or Unlawful Sexual Contact
LD 828
An Act to Encourage Proper Disposal of Propane Tanks
LD 829
Resolve, Authorizing the Department of Transportation to Designate Routes for Over-limit Vehicles
LD 830
An Act to Designate the Town of Topsham Communications Center as a Public Safety Answering Point
LD 831
An Act to Establish a Circuit Breaker Program for Fuel Assistance
LD 832
An Act to Clarify Mutual Aid Agreements Between Law Enforcement Agencies
LD 833
An Act to Amend the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act of 1999
LD 834
An Act to Amend the Laws Pertaining to Fishing Near Floating Equipment BY REQUEST
LD 835
An Act to Eliminate Funding for Primary Elections under the Maine Clean Election Act
LD 836
An Act to Grant Foster Parents Intervenor Status in Child Protection Proceedings
LD 837
An Act to Require that the State Put Out to Open Bid the Phone Card Plan
LD 838
An Act to Increase the Personal Income Tax Exemption to $5,500 Per Eligible Dependent
LD 839
An Act to Allow a Property Tax Exemption to Landowners Whose Property Abuts a Solid Waste Facility
LD 840
An Act to Streamline Installation of Private Electrical Lines
LD 841
An Act to Endow the Maintenance of Maine Civil War Monuments at Gettysburg
LD 842
An Act to Allow Senior Citizens to Take One Course per Semester at the University of Maine System without Charge
LD 843
An Act to Clarify when Reduced Speed Limits are in Effect in School Zones
LD 844
An Act to Classify Employer-provided Medical Treatment as a Payment under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 845
An Act to Establish a Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Incorporated, Nonprofit Memorial Foundations
LD 846
An Act to Provide Equity in Taxation of Certain Mobile Homes
LD 847
An Act to Examine Issues Regarding the Canadian Workforce
LD 848
An Act to Establish the Patricia A. Bailey Memorial
LD 849
An Act Regarding Social Security Numbers Used for Identification Purposes
LD 850
An Act to Place the State in Compliance with the Federal Hatch Political Activity Act
LD 851
An Act to Prohibit the Recording of Private Telephone Conversations Without Consent
LD 852
An Act to Regulate Obscenity
LD 853
An Act to Ensure Access to Assisted Living Services Programs
LD 854
An Act to Amend the Maine Insurance Code to Adopt Statutory Insurance Accounting Principles
LD 855
An Act to Make Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government and to Change Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2002 and June 30, 2003
LD 856
Resolve, Authorizing the Transfer of Land from the State to School Administrative District No. 16
LD 857
An Act to Strengthen the Ground Water Oil Clean-up Fund
LD 858
An Act to Revert the Seat Belt Law to the Form Approved by the Citizens
LD 859
An Act to Fund Technology Advancements for Maine's Libraries
LD 860
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Audit to Review Procedures, Goals and Actual Expenditures of General Purpose Aid Disbursements through the School Funding Formula
LD 861
An Act to Criminalize Failure to Complete Contracted and Paid for Work by a Building Contractor
LD 862
An Act to Clarify the Jurisdiction and Qualifications for Protection from Abuse Hearings
LD 863
Resolve, to Establish Crisis Assessment and Triage Centers for Children in the State
LD 864
Resolve, Directing the Children's Cabinet to Coordinate the Compilation of a Resource Guide to Assist Crisis Intervention Centers to Help Runaway Youth
LD 865
An Act to Reduce the Personal Income Tax
LD 866
An Act to Amend the Budget Process for Sagadahoc County
LD 867
Resolve, to Establish A Study Commission to Study Redistricting
LD 868
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Reimbursement of Training Costs for Law Enforcement Officers
LD 869
An Act to Establish the Lineworker Safety Act
LD 870
Resolve, Establishing a Commission to Study the Laws Governing the Sentencing of a Person Convicted of a Crime Involving a Child
LD 871
An Act to Clarify Work Search
LD 872
Resolve, to Create the Commission to Study Privacy Laws
LD 873
An Act to Require Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification Prior to Graduation from High School
LD 874
An Act to Increase the Operating Subsidy to the Casco Bay Island Transit District
LD 875
Resolve, Directing the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to Create a Gun Safety Program
LD 876
An Act to Require the Department of Human Services to Provide Automatic Discovery to Opposing Attorneys
LD 877
An Act to Exempt Medical Devices and Assistive Devices Used by Individuals with Disabilities from the Sales Tax
LD 878
An Act to Extend Options for Obtaining a General Educational Diploma
LD 879
An Act to Decrease Individual Income Tax by 20%
LD 880
An Act to Increase to $17,500 and $35,000 the Tax Deduction for Public and Private Pensions
LD 881
Resolve, Establishing the Blue Ribbon Commission on the East-West Rail Corridor
LD 882
An Act to Provide Loans for the Construction of Potato Storage Facilities
LD 883
An Act to Return a Percentage of Sales and Use Tax to Municipalities
LD 884
An Act to Revise the Charter of the Ogunquit Sewer District
LD 885
An Act to Prohibit Issuance of a Concealed Firearms Permit to the Subject of a Permanent Protection from Abuse Order
LD 886
An Act to Establish a Clean Government Initiative
LD 887
An Act to Expand the Elderly Low-cost Drug Program
LD 888
An Act Concerning the Benefits and Privileges of Tuition Students at Receiving Public and Private Schools
LD 889
An Act to Establish a Mandated Minimum for Teachers' Salaries
LD 890
An Act to Provide a Reduction in the Early Retirement Penalty for Teachers and State Employees
LD 891
Resolve, to Direct the Department of Transportation to Place a Traffic Light in Auburn
LD 892
An Act to Alleviate Heating Prices
LD 893
An Act to Authorize Master Electricians to Work with up to 3 Helpers
LD 894
An Act to Provide Adequate Funding for HIV and AIDS Care and Prevention
LD 895
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Transportation to Construct 4-foot Paved Shoulders on Hazardous Segments of Route 15 in Hancock County
LD 896
An Act to Increase Funding for the Maine Dental Education Loan Program
LD 897
An Act to Create an Income Tax Exemption for the Dental and Medical State Loans Repayment Program
LD 898
An Act to Improve Public Health in the State
LD 899
An Act to Expand the Laws Pertaining to Accessibility for Persons with Physical Disabilities
LD 900
An Act to Create a Specialty License Plate for Native Mainers
LD 901
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Term Limits
LD 902
An Act to Require the Labeling of Certain Genetically Engineered Foods
LD 903
An Act Concerning the Cost of Training County Corrections Officers
LD 904
An Act to Amend the Charter of the Corinna Water District
LD 905
An Act to Amend Laws Governing Children's Mental Health Services Regarding the Informal Grievance Process
LD 906
An Act to Amend the Laws Pertaining to the Control of Disease in Poultry
LD 907
An Act to Address Sludge-spreading Licenses BY REQUEST
LD 908
Resolve, to Establish Clear Guidelines for Protecting the Safety of Victims of Domestic Violence
LD 909
An Act to Improve the Circuit Breaker Program Application Process
LD 910
An Act to Provide Opportunity for Affordable House Lot Development
LD 911
An Act to Expand the Catch-up Provisions of the Deferred Compensation Plan for State Employees
LD 912
An Act to Amend the Harness Racing Laws to Provide for Staggered Terms
LD 913
An Act Regarding Variances to the Implementation Dates of the Nutrient Management Law
LD 914
An Act to Provide Fair Treatment in Taxation of Social Security Retirement Benefits
LD 915
An Act to Amend the Maine Insurance Guaranty Association Act
LD 916
Resolve, Directing the Department of Human Services to Establish a Prescription Drug Reimportation Program
LD 917
Resolve, to Amend the Requirements for Eye Care Services under the Maine Medical Assistance Manual
LD 918
An Act to Amend the Public Drinking Law
LD 919
An Act to Provide for Variance Notification in the Shoreland Zoning Law
LD 920
Resolve, to Require Medicaid Reimbursement for Independent Living Services and Skills Training Provided to Nursing Facility Residents Returning to the Community
LD 921
Resolve, to Create a State-run Pharmacy Benefits Manager
LD 922
An Act Requiring the Court System to Notify Credit Rating Companies of Debt Clearances
LD 923
An Act to Require That the Principles for Reimbursement for Private and Nonmedical Institutions and Board and Care Institutions be Major Substantive Rules
LD 924
Resolve, to Grant an Exception for Inspections of Low-use Elevators
LD 925
An Act to Allow Cultivation of Those Varieties of Ribes That are Certified Resistant or Immune to White Pine Blister Rust
LD 926
An Act to Reform the Direct Initiative Process to Eliminate Abuses and Provide Greater Citizen Input in the Initiative Process
LD 927
An Act to Provide Transportation Vouchers to Persons with Disabilities to Improve their Independence and Opportunity to Work
LD 928
An Act to Reform the Selection of Probate Judges
LD 929
An Act to Amend the Supervised Community Confinement Law
LD 930
An Act Authorizing the Public Utilities Commission to Award Restitution to Customers Damaged by Inferior Utility Service
LD 931
An Act to Provide for the Security of Certain Utility Information
LD 932
An Act to Authorize the Maine State Housing Authority to Administer an Electric Assistance Program
LD 933
Resolve, to Create the Commission to Study Abolishing the Maine Turnpike Authority
LD 934
An Act to Allow Timely Public Comment on Matters Heard Before Sanitary Districts
LD 935
An Act to Enhance Sentences for Individuals Convicted of Sexually Abusing Children
LD 936
Resolve, Creating the State Fire and Emergency Medical Services Academy
LD 937
An Act to Improve Washington County's Economy by Promoting Natural, Historical and Cultural Tourism
LD 938
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Outdoor Signs
LD 939
An Act to Provide Tax Relief to Maine's Military Retirees
LD 940
An Act to Improve Funding for Snowmobile Trail Maintenance
LD 941
An Act to Create a Uniform Standard for Disposal of Property Seized by Law Enforcement Agencies
LD 942
An Act to Prohibit the Solicitation of Prearranged Funeral Services
LD 943
An Act to Ensure that the Annual Inflation Adjustment for Partial Compensation for Injuries occurring Prior to November 20, 1987 is Fully Recognized and Paid
LD 944
An Act to Provide Equity in the Payment of Excise Tax on Rented Equipment
LD 945
An Act to Increase the Personnel and Air Quality Oversight of School Construction
LD 946
An Act to Excuse Animal Control Officers from Attending the Maine Criminal Justice Academy
LD 947
An Act Concerning Fair Debit Card Practices
LD 948
An Act Creating a Pilot Project to Provide Video Camera Surveillance at Intersections in Ellsworth
LD 949
An Act to Fairly Distribute the Payment of Real Estate Transfer Taxes
LD 950
An Act to Eliminate the Fees Imposed on Purple Heart Recipients for Special Registration Plates
LD 951
An Act Relating to Rent-to-own Purchases
LD 952
An Act to Correct Errors in the Laws Regarding Court Unification
LD 953
An Act Relating to Discovery Procedures under the Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act
LD 954
An Act to Amend the Protection from Abuse and Protection from Harassment Laws
LD 955
An Act to Ensure Accountability in the Department of Human Services
LD 956
An Act to End Internet Crime
LD 957
Resolve, to Transfer State Property to the City of Bangor
LD 958
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Registration of Farm Trucks and Require the Secretary of State to Respond to Inquiries from the Public
LD 959
An Act to Change the Assessment for Sprinkler Systems to a Per-use basis
LD 960
An Act to Protect a Farmer's Right to Farm
LD 961
An Act to Expand Benefits Under the Elderly Low-cost Drug Program
LD 962
Resolve, Establishing a Minimum Pay Grade Increase for State Police Officers
LD 963
An Act to Protect Occupants from Diesel Exhaust Emitted by School Buses
LD 964
An Act to Add Cancer Drugs to the Elderly Low-cost Drug Program
LD 965
An Act Relating to Daily Catch Limits for Scallops
LD 966
An Act to Amend the Maine Tort Claims Act
LD 967
An Act to Waive Immunization Requirements for Students Participating in Distance Programs
LD 968
An Act to Define and Ensure Coverage of Basic Health Services by Health Maintenance Organizations
LD 969
An Act to Permit Intrafamily Transfer of Lobster Tags
LD 970
An Act to Limit the Use of Property Taxes to Fund Education
LD 971
An Act to Exempt Retired Persons Who Work as Substitute Teachers from Paying into the Maine State Retirement System BY REQUEST
LD 972
An Act to Provide Specialty Plates for Modified Show Vehicles BY REQUEST
LD 973
An Act to Restrict Daily Sea Urchin Taking
LD 974
An Act to Create the Civil Rights in Public Employment, Education and Contracting Act
LD 975
An Act to Establish an Exemption to the Exclusivity Provisions of the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992 BY REQUEST
LD 976
An Act Concerning Workers' Compensation Examinations
LD 977
An Act to Reduce Tuition at Postsecondary Education Institutions of the State for Students Who Maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average in High School
LD 978
Resolve, to Create the Commission to Study the Relationship Between Alcohol Sales and Substance Abuse in the State of Maine
LD 979
An Act to Require an Additional Labor Representative on the Board of Trustees of the Maine State Retirement System
LD 980
An Act to Provide Property Tax Relief to Senior and Disabled Citizens of the State
LD 981
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Maine Unemployment Insurance Commission
LD 982
An Act to Promote Efficiency in County Government in the Androscoggin County Budget Process
LD 983
An Act to Revise Driver Education Laws
LD 984
An Act to Protect Nongroup and Small Group Insureds
LD 985
Resolve, Creating a Governance System for Unorganized Towns
LD 986
Resolve, to Establish the Commission to Study Ownership Patterns in Maine
LD 987
An Act to Change Certain Educational Requirements and Make Title Changes for Licensed Social Workers
LD 988
An Act Relating to the Celebration of Veterans' Week
LD 989
An Act to Strengthen Truck Weight Laws to Deter Gross Vehicle Weight Violations
LD 990
An Act to Establish the Maine Regulatory Fairness Board
LD 991
An Act to Expand the Maine Mathematics, Science and Engineering Talent Search Venture
LD 992
An Act to Permit the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to Accept Gifts for the Benefit of Wildlife Protection and Conservation
LD 993
An Act to Expand the Number of Persons Who May Be Appointed Sheriff or Become a Candidate for Sheriff
LD 994
An Act to Establish Equity in the School Funding Formula
LD 995
An Act to Change the Dates for Licensing of Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions
LD 996
An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Maine Potato Board
LD 997
Resolve, to Enhance Economic Development in Eastern Maine
LD 998
An Act to Promote Learning Through the Reading Recovery Program
LD 999
An Act to Provide First Responder Teams For Schools to Assist with Violent and Chronically Disruptive Students

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