Maine Revised Statutes

§7224. Ancillary services

If a service provider offers an ancillary service to any customer, it shall offer that service to its provider of last resort service customers individually in conjunction with provider of last resort service and may not require that the ancillary service be bundled with any other ancillary services. For purposes of this section, "ancillary service" means a service that allows a customer to manage the display of information identifying the originator of a voice call or to manage the delivery of a voice call, including but not limited to call waiting and call forwarding, and is related to the provisioning of voice grade access to the public switched telephone network so that the customer is unable to obtain a functionally equivalent service from any device or service offered by an entity other than the service provider. [2011, c. 623, Pt. A, §18 (NEW).]

2011, c. 623, Pt. A, §18 (NEW).