Maine Revised Statutes

§6408. Standard districts; authority to acquire property; rights of eminent domain

To the extent necessary for purposes of incorporation, a standard district may take and hold any interest in real estate and personal estate. [1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW).]

1. Purchase or lease.  A standard district may take and hold an interest in real estate or personal estate by purchase, lease or other lawful means.
[ 1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW) .]
2. Eminent domain.  For purposes of its incorporation, a standard district may exercise the right of eminent domain as provided in chapters 65 and 67 to acquire any interest in land or water rights:
A. For erecting and maintaining dams, plants and works, for flowage, power, pumping and supplying water through its mains; [1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW).]
B. For reservoirs and for preserving and protecting the purity of the water and related watershed; [1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW).]
C. For laying and maintaining aqueducts and other structures; [1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW).]
D. For taking, distributing, discharging and disposing of water; and [1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW).]
E. For rights-of-way or roadways to its sources of supply, dams, power stations, reservoirs, mains, aqueducts, structures and lands. [1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW).]
Except as otherwise provided by law, a standard district may not take by right of eminent domain any property or facilities of any other public utility used or acquired for future use in the performance of a public duty.
[ 1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW) .]
1995, c. 616, §10 (NEW).