Maine Revised Statutes

§13907. License; seals; stamps


The board shall issue a license, upon payment of a fee as set under section 13910-A, to any applicant who has satisfactorily met the requirements of this chapter. The license authorizes the practice of land surveying. [2007, c. 402, Pt. FF, §11 (AMD).]

The issuance of a license by the board is evidence that the person named in the license is entitled to all the rights and privileges of a professional land surveyor or land surveyor-in-training while the license remains unrevoked or unexpired. [1991, c. 509, §42 (AMD).]

Each applicant upon licensing shall obtain a seal of the design authorized by the board, bearing the licensee's name and the legend "professional land surveyor." [1991, c. 509, §42 (AMD).]

All final documents, including plans, descriptions, reports, maps, plats or other drawings must be signed and sealed by the issuing professional land surveyor, as prescribed in the rules of the board. If an item bearing the seal of a professional land surveyor is altered, the altering professional land surveyor's seal and signature must be affixed with the notation "altered by", the date and a specific description of the alteration. No official of this State, or of any city, county, town or village in the State, charged with the enforcement of laws, rules, ordinances or regulations may accept or approve any plans or other documents, prepared within the meaning and intent of this chapter, that are not sealed and signed by the professional land surveyor under whose responsible charge they were completed. [1991, c. 509, §42 (AMD).]

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