Maine Revised Statutes

§1671. Additional meetings and services -- Article VI

The members of the conference from any 2 or more party states, upon notice to the chairman as to the time and purpose of the meeting, may meet as a section for the discussion of problems common to their states. Any 2 or more party states may designate the conference as a joint agency to maintain for them such additional common services as they may deem desirable for combating organized crime. Except in those cases where all party states join in such designation for common services, the representative of any group of such designating states in the conference shall constitute a separate section of such conference for the performance of the common service or services so designated provided that, if any additional expense is involved, the state so acting shall provide the necessary funds for this purpose. The creation of such a section or joint agency shall not affect the privileges, powers, responsibilities or duties of the states participating therein as embodied in the other articles of this compact. [1965, c. 435, (NEW).]

1965, c. 435, (NEW).